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Review Type & Date - How do I set a review type, date & time?

Review Type & Date - How do I set a review type, date & time?

The publishing schedule controls when your authorised page goes live and when it expires.

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You can also set up a date and time to be notified that your web page should be reviewed. 

When content is due for review or due to expire, firstly the system will send the editors a notification about this so they can take any action necessary. One action may simply be to re-authorise the content with a review date of another 12 months, for example.

On the Launch Page you will see a To-Do pop-up showing you that there are items due for review.

There are also a number of reports that show you items due to expire and due for review. 

  • Click on the Properties tab

The Properties tab

The Properties screen opens.

 The Properties screen

  •  Tick the Set New Schedule box


  • Click on  the Review Type drop down arrow 


  • Select the Review Type option
  • Add the date and time using the calendar and drop down arrows

date and time screen

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