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Navigator - What is the Navigator?

Navigator - What is the Navigator?

The Contensis Navigator is located to the left of the Contensis screen and  is the main area where your web page content is stored.

It works in much the same way as Windows Explorer on a PC.

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You can expand folders, right click on items to get more detail and even drag-and-drop items around the screen.

The Navigator shows you the physical hierarchy of your website or content repository.

Items of content are categorised into this tree structure, and the structure of the Navigator will reflect the structure of a published website.

 The Navigator

The Navigator contains a predefined structure of folders to organise and store your web pages and other Contensis content such as documents and images etc.

It is recommended that the supplied folder structure is used for storing the relevant Contensis content but additional folders and sub folders can be created.   

To expand and compress the folders:

  • click on the   +   and   -   sign.

When you click on a folder or a page, a pop up menu displays actions that are available to you. These will vary depending on the content that you have selected.

An example of a Navigator menu 

To alter the width of the Navigator area:

  • drag the double arrow to the left or right.

To hide/unhide the Navigator area:  navigator grey arrow

  • click on the small grey arrow. 
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