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Cut, Copy & Paste - How do I copy and move text and images?

Cut, Copy & Paste - How do I copy and move text and images?

Once text or images have been added to your web page they can be deleted, moved and copied by using the Cut, Copy and Paste icons.

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Content from outside Contensis can be pasted in.

Cut, Copy, Paste & Paste Text icons are available in the Editor toolbar cut copy and paste icons

The icons will vary depending on the browser that you are using.

  • Select the text or graphics that you wish to cut, move or copy

Use the following shortcuts to select text on the page:

  • Double-click over a word to select the word
  • Click three times over a paragraph to select the entire paragraph
  • To select any amount of text, click at the beginning of the text, then hold [Shift] and click at the end of the text
  • Press [Ctrl A] to select all text in the content area of the page

If the text or graphics is to be cut  cut icon

  • Click on the Cut icon

If the text or graphics are to be copied or moved  cut icon copy icon

  • Click on the Cut or Copy icon
  • Select the new position for the text or graphics to be placed
  • Click on the Paste or Paste Text icon

paste icons

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