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Research Seminars

The Information Security Group holds research seminars every Thursday from 11am-12pm. All Welcome!

The directions can be found here.

If you would like to receive the seminar announcements, please subscribe to the seminar mailing list. For more information, please contact Lorenzo Cavallaro or Martin Albrecht. Full announcements with title, abstract and short biographies of the speakers can be found in the mailinglist archives (only accessible from inside Royal Holloway's network …)

Academic Year 2017/18 Seminars

Autumn Term

  • Tim Stevens (King's College London) 2017-09-28 Thu 11:00-12:00 McCrea 201: High-performance computing: Implications for defence and security
  • Fabian van den Broek (Open University of The Netherlands) 2017-10-05 Thu 11:00-12:00 McCrea 201: Authentication with IRMA
  • Marco Cinnirella (Royal Holloway) 2017-10-12 Thu 11:00-12:00 McCrea 201: This can't be happening ! Human factors in information security: the role ofpsychology
  • Amit Deo (Royal Holloway) 2017-10-19 Thu 11:00-12:00 McCrea 201: Large Modulus Ring-LWE ≥ Module-LWE
  • Sophie Huczynska (University of St Andrews) 2017-10-26 Thu 11:00-12:00 McCrea 201: Strong external difference families - some recent results
  • David Kenyon (Bletchley Park) 2017-11-02 Thu 11:00-12:00 McCrea 201: 'The Intelligence Factory' - Bletchley Park and Information
  • Steve Schneider (University of Surrey) 2017-11-09 Thu 11:00-12:00 McCrea 201: TBC
  • Debi Ashenden (University of Portsmouth) 2017-11-16 Thu 11:00-12:00 McCrea 201: Social Loafing: Why Good People Breach Security And What To Do About It
  • Monica Whitty (University of Warwick) 2017-11-23 Thu 11:00-12:00 McCrea 201: TBC
  • Marie-Sarah Lacharite (Royal Holloway) 2017-11-30 Thu 11:00-12:00 McCrea 201: TBC
  • Rik Ferguson (Trend Micro) 2017-12-07 Thu 11:00-12:00 McCrea 201: TBC

Spring Term

  • Martin Sadler (Bristol) 2018-01-18 Thu 11:00-12:00 McCrea 201: TBC
  • Changyu Dong (Newcastle) 2018-01-25 Thu 11:00-12:00 McCrea 201: TBC
  • Tom Sorell (Warwick) 2018-02-01 Thu 11:00-12:00 WINDSOR-0-04: TBC
  • Thyla van der Merwe (Royal Holloway) 2018-02-08 Thu 11:00-12:00 McCrea 201: TBC
  • Lizzie Coles-Kemp (Royal Holloway) 2018-02-15 Thu 11:00-12:00 WINDSOR-1-05: TBC
  • Rob Carolina (Royal Holloway) 2018-02-22 Thu 11:00-12:00 McCrea 201: TBC
  • Madeline Carr (Aberystwyth) University 2018-03-01 Thu 11:00-12:00 McCrea 201: TBC
  • Jens Groth (UCL) 2018-03-08 Thu 11:00-12:00 McCrea 201: TBC
  • Carlos Cid (Royal Holloway) 2018-03-15 Thu 11:00-12:00 McCrea 201: TBC
  • Paul Grubbs (Cornell University) 2018-03-22 Thu 11:00-12:00> McCrea 201: TBC

Summer Term




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