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Research Seminars

The Information Security Group holds research seminars every Thursday from 11am-12pm. All Welcome!

The directions can be found here.

If you would like to receive the seminar announcements, please subscribe to the seminar mailing list. For more information, please contact Lorenzo Cavallaro or Martin Albrecht. Full announcements with title, abstract and short biographies of the speakers can be found in the mailinglist archives.

Academic Year 2016/17 Seminars

Autumn Term

  • Tuvi Etzion (Technion) 2016-09-22 Thu 11:00-12:00 Windsor 0-02: Achievable alphabets for network coding
  • Máté Soos (Gotham Security) 2016-09-29 Thu 11:00-12:00 Windsor 0-02: Tools and techniques for fuzzing real world applications
  • Sam Scott (Royal Holloway) 2016-10-06 Thu 11:00-12:00 Windsor 0-02: Key Rotation for Authenticated Encryption
  • Ashley Montanaro (University of Bristol) 2016-10-20 Thu 11:00-12:00 Windsor 0-02: The quantum threat to cryptography
  • Ronald Rietman (Philips Research) 2016-10-27 Thu 11:00-12:00 Windsor 0-02: HIMMO: a fully collusion resistant key pre-distribution scheme
  • Flavio Garcia and David F. Oswald (University of Birmingham) 2016-11-03 Thu 11:00-12:00 Windsor 0-02: TBC
  • N. Asokan (Aalto University and Helsinki University) 2016-11-04 Fri 11:00-12:00 McCrea 219: Securing cloud-assisted services
  • Kenny Paterson (Royal Holloway) 2016-11-10 Thu 11:00-12:00 Windsor 0-02: TBC
  • Jorge Blasco Alís (Royal Holloway) 2016-11-17 Thu 11:00-12:00 Windsor 0-02: TBC
  • Brice Minaud (Royal Holloway) 2016-11-24 Thu 11:00-12:00 Windsor 0-02: TBC
  • Daniele Sgandurra (Royal Holloway) 2016-12-01 Thu 11:00-12:00 Windsor 0-02: TBC
  • Elizabeth Quaglia (Royal Holloway) 2016-12-08 Thu 11:00-12:00 Windsor 0-02: TBC

Spring Term


Summer Term




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