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The Disabilty & Dyslexia Services (ESO) offers the staff of Royal Holloway advice and guidance. Please find below examples of training sessions that can be organised or facilitated for your department, a collection of guidance sheets, related documents, Frequently Asked Questions and a list of the departmental  within the University. These have been designed to enable Royal Holloway staff to better understand and support their disabled students.

Training organised by the Disabilty & Dyslexia Services (ESO)

The Disability & Dyslexia Services offer training on any aspect of disability equality, on particular disabilities, on inclusive practice and on College policies and procedures as they relate to disabled students.

In the past, we have offered training on the following:

  • The Equality Act and its implication for the support of disabled students in HE
  • Supporting students on the Autistic Spectrum (training delivered by the NAS)
  • Supporting students with depression and anxiety
  • Supporting students with a Visual Impairment
  • Specific sessions requested by departments.

Please contact Alexandra Stanton for further information or to request a training session tailored to your particular needs.

The Disability & Dyslexia Services produced a 15-minute video called "A Veneer of Acceptance". It shows students with dyslexia and dyspraxia, with Mental Health difficulties, with a hearing impairment, with a visual impairment and with an energy condition talking about their disability and their experience as RHUL students. Please contact Alexandra Stanton if you wish to view or use this DVD in your department. It is a very valuable training tool. 

Guidance sheets - teaching

Every student is an individual and will have varying degrees of difficulties; the information below is not intended as definitive and should be used for general reference. If you are in any doubt about the information or a particular student, please contact the Disabilty & Dyslexia Services (ESO) directly.

Guidance sheets - non-teaching

Related documents and useful sites

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