Research Strategy Fund

The Research Strategy Fund (RSF) provides small scale funding, typically of up to £5k for academic staff at Royal Holloway. The RSF is a flexible internal funding source primarily focused on supporting or facilitating large scale external funding applications. However, any application will be considered for support if it seeks to stimulate research grant income.

Applications for RSF funds may include the costs of:

initial research to support a substantial external grant application,

preparation and submission of a large multi-partner grant, e.g. travel and subsistence, short term teaching replacement,

attendance at a networking event designed to find research partners (as distinct from a conference: conference attendance is not covered by RSF funds),

support for other research related activities if the case is convincing.

In all cases, applications must demonstrate how the proposed funding will contribute to the research related aims and KPIs in the University’s 2013-2020 Strategy|.

Condition of Awards

Applications must be endorsed by the relevant HoD together with a departmental contribution of at least 10% of the total costs.  

The grant should not be used for any other purpose than that stated in the application.

Research & Enterprise will actively monitor the outcomes of RSF supported applications and report annually to the College Research Committee

Application and Decision Process

Completed application forms can be submitted at any time to Richard Gough|.

Based on criteria agreed by the College Research Committee, funding decisions are made within seven days by the Director of Research and Enterprise and relevant Dean. Although decisions are made by R&E the College Research Committee has ultimate responsibility for the efficacy of funding decisions and will retain overall responsibility for the RSF. As such, all applications and funding decisions are reported to the College Research Committee.


Please click here| to download the RSF leaflet

Application Form

Please click here| to download the RSF application form
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