2017 Submission

Researchfish 2017

The Researchfish submission period for 2017 will be 6th February to 2017 to 16th March 2017 at 4pm

RCUK will ask for information for:

  • Current/ongoing grants
  • Grants that ended within 5 years of the submission period

We would encourage all current and prior RCUK grant holders to input outcomes related to RCUK grants directly into Researchfish.  It is possible (and advisable) to upload data into Researchfish throughout the year, although it can only be submitted during the Feb/Mar window..

Sanctions for Non-compliance

From 2016, sanctions will apply to RCUK-funded researchers who do not make a submission each year during the data submission period, even if this is a nil-submission (e.g. because it is too early for any outcomes to have emerged from the research yet).

Extract from RCUK Researchfish compliance and sanctions policy

Compliance is the submission of an appropriate update by the end of each annual RCUK Researchfish submission period in accordance with the above requirements.

If the required annual update for an award is not submitted on time, the Research Council(s) may apply the following sanctions:

  • the researcher may be unable to apply (either as a Principal Investigator or as a Co-Investigator) for further awards from any Research Council
  • if the award is still current payments for the award may be withheld

By submitting a return in Researchfish the researcher is agreeing that the information is truthful, accurate and as complete as practicable. If when using the information the Research Councils raise concerns over the accuracy or completeness of the submission then these will be raised with the researcher, and sanctions may be applied retrospectively.


  • RCUK directly supported Units and Institutes will not have payments withheld; the responsibility for compliance lies with the unit directors and is part of the annual DASIC/appraisal return. Noncompliant researchers at RCUK directly supported Units and Institutes may be unable to apply for further awards from any Research Council.
  • To support specific evaluations a Research Council may require an update to an award outside the annual RCUK Researchfish submission period. Researchers will be notified of these as necessary.
  • Students supported by block grants are not currently part of the sanctions process though reporting is encouraged and institutional compliance will be monitored.

A full copy of the policy can be found here.

Please consult our help pages for guidance, RCUK also have a series of dedicated webpages.


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