Successful in getting funded? These are the things you need to undertake and consider when managing your award - for general post-award advice and support, contact Leisha Wickham, Grant Setup Manager

Confirmation of being awarded a grant

If you have been awarded a research grant please contact either Rosemary Greaves, Helen SwaineKate Corti  or Kerry Prendergast in Finance and forward a copy of the contract or letter of award. The grant will be announced which will allocate a unique account code. All expenditure relating to this project should be charged to this code.  You can find a grant announcements covering the latest three month period by opening the link, in additon Pure contains up to date grant announcements data. 

Managing the Finances

All financial post award matters are handled by Rosemary, Helen, Kate and Kerry. They will be able to advise on budgets, reporting requirements, costs, invoicing, expenditure eligibility, staffing, exchange rate issues, allocation of indirect costs, final reports and any other associated financial matters.

Each month Finance issues a budget statement together with transaction listings for all accounts. These are sent to the Departments. Any queries associated with these should be directed to Rosemary or Helen in the first instance. If you need information on making payments or travel claims please consult the Finance web page.

Signing the PI Statement of Responsibilities

As the Principal Investigator (PI) you have responsibility for the technical, administrative, and financial management of a project, including any associated subcontracts. Therefore, you need to ensure that you are aware of and adhere to the relevant funding agency and College regulations in relation to the conduct of research, training and public funded activities. To confirm your adherence to the guidelines, as the PI you will be required to sign the Statement of Responsibilities. This form can be found in Research Support Resources.

What to do when there is a contract or sub contract?

Please contact Philip Johnson, Contracts and Intellectual Property Manager, to discuss whether your research project needs a contract  to be drafted, either with the funder, collaborators or subcontractors. Philip provides support and model contracts for most situations or he can brief external lawyers if required. However, please contact us as soon as possible as contractual issues may take longer than expected to finalise. In the case of EU Framework projects please contact Research Services before entering into the contract negotiation stage with the Commission.  If you are the co-ordinator on a Framework project, a Consortium Agreement will need to be drafted. If on the other hand, you are a partner, then Research Services will need to comment and approve the Consortium Agreement provided by the co-ordinator.

Peer Review Feedback

Whether you application is succesful or not, Research Services needs to know the outcome of your proposal and to receive copies of any peer review comments fed back to you. If your proposal is unsuccessful, contact Research Services for advice. We might be able to help identify why the project was not funded and suggest other sources of funding.

Employing contract staff on your project

If you have a successful grant and are going to employ staff, the Personnel office MUST be notified and the relevant personnel forms completed. You can find a useful document created by the Research Council. Please liaise with the Personnel contact for your Department.


For proposals that include the purchase of equipment or an infrastructure element, Susan Fielding can assist you in obtaining cost for equipment. Please refer to Purchasing departments web pages for guidance on all aspects of the purchasing process, and any issues relating to purchasing policy.

Estimates of likely funds to be returned to Departments

The College returns a certain percentage of the grant funding to the Department. Further guidance outlining an example of how the funds returned to the department  are calculated can be found on the resources page.


Does your require ethical approval?

If your project requires ethical approval you will need follow the procedures as oultined on the ethics page, you can also find useful information through the ethics FAQ page.


EU Grants

In Framework 7, unlike in previous framework programmes, all staff time (including that of permanent staff) is now an eligible cost, meaning that the Commission will reimburse organisations for the proportion of staff time spent on a project. As such, the Commission is moving towards a system that resembles the UK full Economic Cost (fEC) mechanism.

Timesheets will be sent out at the start of each month by Research Finance, and must be completed by all College staff working on EC-funded projects and countersigned by their line manager. The original signed copies of these forms, along with electronic versions, should then be returned to Jenny Febry within five working days of the end of that month. The forms will be kept for reporting to project coordinators and also for any future auditing of projects. If an individual is involved in more than one FP7 project, that person’s timesheet will reflect this so only one full timesheet will need to be provided.

Final reports

Following the completion of an awarded proposal, a majority of funders require a final report. Often these reports must be completed within a specfic timeframe, the deadline and the content vary depending on the funder. 

The final reports allow the funder to assess the outcome of  the research at the end of the period of funding and is therefore a vital component of your award. Failure to complete this may result in sanctions for the university and the award holder.

Please note that all Final Reports must be approved internally before being sent to your external funder, you must ensure that any financial data required for the Final Report is obtained from Finance by contacting either Helen Swaine or Rosemary Greaves and sending the final copy for approval to your Research Services Officer.

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