Internal procedures and policies

What needs internal approval?

The College’s internal procedure for external research funding applications aims to support staff and to maximise project income. Research & Enterprise offers expertise and experience in research funding, the development of applications and can provide guidance on strengthening your research proposal.

All applications to external funders must adhere to the internal procedure for external research proposals, not doing so may expose you and the College to legal liabilties and the College could potentially refuse to accept an offer of funding if it was not subject to advance approval.

Once you have had an initial discussion with your Head of Department about your plans to apply for funding please contact either your Research & Business Development Manager or Research Services Officer to discuss what support they can offer for your proposal.  

R&E will guide your application through the relevant approval route, which will be determined by the size of budget, the funder or other potnetial risks. Most application will be approved by R&E, Finance and the Head of Department. Some applications, however, will require approval of the faculty Dean and/or Deputy Principal

Please contact R&E as soon as possible in advance of submitting a proposal and allow a minimum of 10 working days for the internal approvals process. This is for the approvals process only and is in addition to the costing and development of the application.

N.B for applications that require any element of match funding, cash contribution or has any shortfall in direct costs please flag with R&E as early as possible.


Approval Criteria 


Value of Proposal  % of fEC Funders contribution  Approval Required   Further Details 

Less than £10k

R&E, Head of Department. 

Greater than £10k Less than 80% (for industry <100%) R&E, Finance, Head of Department, Dean of Faculty Dean approval not required for sponsors on the Whitelist (see below).

Greater than £10k Greater than 80% (for industry >100%) R&E, Finance, Head of Department  

Applications that require any additional direct resource from the College e.g. partial or match funding for equipment (including installation), additional space, labs, subscriptions, staff and students require the additional advance approval of the Deputy Principal. 




Proposals recovering less than 80% fEC (100% for industry funded research) require Faculty Dean approval. However a number of key funders are exempt from Dean approval, categorised as 'Whitelist Funders' their terms and conditions are pre-approved.   

Whitelist Funders

  • European Commission Horizon 2020
  • Joseph Rowntree Foundation
  • Royal Society and other OST funded agencies (except where the scheme pays fEC)
  • British Academy (except where the scheme pays fEC )
  • British Council
  • Non-FEC funded programmes from the research councils (such as Norface, research networks and so on)
  • The Leverhulme Trust
  • The Nuffield Foundation
  • The Wellcome Trust
  • Cancer Research UK


Internal departmental policies

Many departments have their own policies which run alongside the College's. You should familiarise yourself with these. Further information should be available from your department.

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