pFACT - Project Financial Appraisal and Costing Tool, is used by many UK universities to model and cost research budgets, estimate fEC and manage the internal authorisation of grant applications. pFACT also maintains a single central database recording all pre-award research application activity across the College.

Who uses pFact?

Currently the costs of your research project resources are modelled and estimated through pFACT by your Research Services Officer. To do this succesfully, they will require a number of details about your project. The Research Services team are happy to liaise through email or telephone (details of which can be found on contacts page), or if you prefer, through one-to-one meetings. When the costing process has been completed, your Research Services Officer will initiate the internal authorisation process through pFACT.

Who approves my proposal costing?

The costing for your proposal will go through the internal approval and authorisation process electronically. Costings are first authorised by you, then Research Services, Finance, your Head of Department and in some circumstances, your Dean and or the Vice-Principal (Research, Enterprise and Communications). Your Research Services Officer can provide you with more details.

What happens when my costing is approved on pFact?

Once your costing has been approved, you will be informed by your Research Services Officer. At this point, your costings are ready to be used in your funding application. Costings should not be entered into application forms prior to this confirmation.





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