RePlay recording service

What is RePlay?

RePlay is a lecture-recording service for teaching and learning that is available in most teaching rooms across campus. RePlay will capture the slides from the lecture along with an audio recording. Lectures will only be recorded on request.

Read our guidance on recording lectures.


  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Alternative route for students to solve problems, reducing the need to contact the tutor
  • Students can revisit the lecture as often as they wish
  • Useful for revision
  • More flexibility in note-taking
  • Makes time for active learning during class if the lecture is available for viewing beforehand
  • Students can catch up if they miss a lecture
  • Learning material can be made accessible to other audiences (distance learning)
  • Increased accessibility for hearing impaired and non-native speaking students

Step 1

Link your Moodle course to the RePlay service

How to link your Moodle course to RePlay

How to re-sync your course to enroll new staff 

Step 2

EITHER: Record your lectures live on campus

Request your lectures to be recorded by completing the RePlay booking form.

Your lecture will be pre-set to record at the specified times with no further action required. The recording will automatically be uploaded to your Moodle course.

OR: Record your lectures on a desktop or laptop

Log into Moodle and go to your course page. Under Replay you should see a link to Download Recorder (Windows and Mac versions). Follow these instructions to install the recorder. When installed, choose 'Log in with Moodle VLE' and use your usual RHUL login and password. 

If you are using a College PC, email the IT Service Desk to request the Panopto Recorder to be installed on your computer.


Please make sure that you add a slide to the beginning of your Powerpoint presentation that warns the students that the lecture is going to be recorded  (sample slide). There should be a notice on the door of the room informing participants that lectures may be recorded. 

Copyright issues

The same copyright regulations apply to material recorded in a lecture as to other teaching media (handouts, material uploaded to Moodle, etc.). In the context of lecture recording, this means copyright material can be included according to the limits of the CLA Higher Education Comprehensive licence (see the Library copyright pages for further information). The responsibility lies with the Lecturer not to infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties.

It is possible to edit recordings afterwards to remove any such material included in error.

Moodle courses should not be set to be publicly visible if such copyright material is included.


Most lecture rooms have microphones already installed which you don't need to turn on. If the room is equipped with a lectern or lapel microphone, ensure you use it and that it is switched on. If possible, check before your lecture.

Present your lecture from the PC

The lecture is captured by the PC that is in the room and you must present from that. It is not possible to record automatically from another laptop unless this has been arranged in advance with AV.

Leave the PC on

Even if you are not using the PC *DO NOT TURN IT OFF* otherwise the recording will stop and possibly be lost.

Capturing written content

Contact Audio Visual if this is required.

DVD is not captured

Video sources such as DVD's will not be video recorded but will be audio recorded (although in rooms with cameras you can point the camera at the screen using the touchpanel controls should you wish).

Be prompt

Make sure your lecture ends promptly, overruns will not be recorded. Recordings are scheduled to match the room booking times.

Audience questions

It is a good idea to repeat audience questions to make sure they are audible on the recording.

For support, contact the IT Service Desk:
Tel: (01784 41) 4321

For Moodle support, contact the Moodle Support Desk:

Take-down policy

RePlay FAQs

Requests for non-teaching or public recordings

RePlay will mainly be used for teaching and learning. If you have another type of recording you would like to be made, e.g. a public lecture, then please email the IT Service Desk with your request.

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