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The Estates Department is responsible for the management of and improvement to the entire physical estate – developed and undeveloped. Our estate covers over 45 hectares and 80 buildings on the campus distributed north and south of the A30, as well as our off-campus residences at Kingswood. We also lease Huntersdale from the Crown Estate and Bedford Square in London from the University of London. Funding for Major Projects (typically over £100, 000) is allocated on approval of a business case for each specific project whilst approx £2m a year is allocated to legislative, cyclical and small works, as prioritised during the Planning Round.

The Central Team coordinates the work of the Department; our objectives, business plan, financial planning, compliance and communications. The Team provides governance support for the Estates Major Projects Committee, the Project Boards and Steering Groups feeding into it as well as managing our leases and deeds. We engage with other land holders in the Borough and the Local Authority and lead on the development of long term plans for the preservation and development of the estate and delivery of those plans in the medium term through an Estates Strategy.

The Projects Team assists with the development and implementation of the Estates Development Plan for the College, advising on budget expenditure and programming of projects across our estate. This includes moves, refurbishment, construction of new buildings and maintaining the integrity of the existing campus infrastructure. We are developing a cyclical programme for maintenance of the estate which will plan the investment for the future regeneration of the campus. The Team produce initial project feasibility studies, providing design options/solutions and manage the complete spectrum of project delivery. We consult with our fellow stakeholders and students guiding the development process ensuring projects are delivered on time, within budget and in accordance with the College’s Project Governance Framework.


The Space Team manage the allocation of rooms and premises for all academic and administrative purposes and, having carried out options analysis, oversee any moves that need to occur. They are responsible for our Estates Management Statistics, space norms, ratios, key performance indicators and management of a space database.

Sustainability is integral to the strategic plans at Royal Holloway, what we do and how we operate. Within the Estates Department we lead on the delivery of our Environmental Sustainability objectives, particularly in relation to our Carbon Management Plan and ensuring that the development of our campus is as carbon neutral as possible. This includes ensuring the College can deliver on a number of targets relating to sustainable transport, sustainable procurement, energy reduction, waste reduction, water reduction and biodiversity. The work of the team is driven by best practice; we have utilised BREEAM to make sure that we reduce our emissions as much as possible and this is monitored through our internationally recognized accreditations of ISO 14064-Part 1 (Green House Gases) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Standard). This also demonstrates the College’s commitment to reducing our emissions and impact on the environment. If you would like to find out more or get involved, click here.

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You can contact us on EstatesDepartment@rhul.ac.uk or call 01784 443043.


Construction of the New Theatre Building at Sutherland House, 2012-13