Digital signage usage guidelines

We will improve the sharing of Royal Holloway-specific messages, making them: 
  • Time-critical and instant announcements.
  • Inform about news and events to create a sense of community. 
  • More effective. 
  • Targeted. 
  • Relevant to students, staff and visitors.
  • Compliant with Royal Holloway brand guidelines. 
  • Compliant with accessibility guidelines. 
  • Multimedia-enabled. 
  • Consistent with campus planning principles for digital signage in public spaces. 
  • Interactive.  
Communications and External Relations reserves the right to refuse or remove any digital signage content that does not portray Royal Holloway, its departments, services, activities, staff or students in a positive light. 

Digital messaging is appropriate for: 
  • Promoting departmental information, including on-campus services and campus-related news (including important dates and deadlines). 
  • Encouraging membership and participation in Royal Holloway-recognised student groups and those groups’ activities and events. 
  • Promoting campus events, elections and referenda of Royal Holloway-recognised student groups, events calendar, and promoting campaigns (e.g. severe weather alerts).
  • Recruitment of volunteers. 
  • Messaging for external/public events (by Outreach, Recruitment and Conferences). 
Digital messaging is not appropriate for:
  • Material that may reasonably offend community members and campus guests through provocative messages, text and/or images. 
  • Material with audio content. 
  • Material that advocates particular political parties, candidates or campaigns. 
  • Material that is protected by copyright. 
  • Material that may violate individuals’ privacy. 
  • Messages advocating/encouraging the consumption of alcohol, tobacco (the exception being College run services such as Crosslands) or drugs, or participation in gambling or games of chance.
  • Promotion of for-profit businesses and services, excluding Campus Services, (e.g. tutoring, housing rentals). 
  • Messages in languages other than English without an accompanying English translation. 
  • Fund-raising announcements for causes that are not directly supported and formally endorsed by Royal Holloway.