Online Learning

Courses and programmes involving online learning

The College's strategy is to use online support to enhance and extend, rather than to replace the campus learning experience. Whilst there can be benefits in using online delivery to provide access to specialist courses when individual staff are not available for teaching, this needs to be balanced against the expectation that students on campus-based programmes will receive a minimum level of face-to-face contact with teachers. Students must be made fully aware before starting a course of the extent of online delivery.

Proposals to replace existing student-teacher contact with online delivery constitute a change to the validated course and must therefore be submitted for prior approval by the relevant Faculty Programme Amendment/Validation Panel.

Given the difficulty involved in setting minima for student-teacher contact which would be appropriate to all disciplines and types of course, proposals will be considered on a case-by-case basis in reference to the advice of the external discipline specialist and the following guidelines:

  • all courses for campus-based students must include a substantive element of face-to-face contact between the students and a discipline specialist which is appropriate to the nature of the course;
  • the extent of online delivery on the programme overall should not compromise the identity of campus-based programmes at Royal Holloway in terms of the expectation that there will be a substantial amount of face-to-face contact between students and discipline specialists.

Faculty Programme Amendment/Validation Panels retain the option to sample online course materials with a view to ensuring that quality and standards are maintained.

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