Annual Reviews

The review and enhancement of provision in academic departments is a continual process carried out through activities such as peer observation of teaching and engagement with student feedback. The Annual Review provides an opportunity to consolidate and reflect upon the overall success of these activities at a strategic point, when information on student progress and achievement becomes available.

The objectives of the Annual Review process are:

  • to create an opportunity for teachers to reflect on the delivery and outcomes of programmes, juxtaposing the views of teachers, students and external specialists in a manner which through year-on-year comparison contributes to improvements in provision;
  • to provide a clear, consistent and timely assessment of programme delivery which enables departments to identify points for action and plan programme developments from a sound knowledge base;
  • to employ a device which is common across the College and which can therefore produce results which may be examined and understood by anyone, from any department;
  • to demonstrate an open and effective engagement with the maintenance of academic standards and with quality assurance and enhancement.

Each review uses the following information:

  • data on student progress and achievement (e.g. course marks, award profiles, progression and completion rates), provided by the Registry;
  • student feedback, gathered through questionnaires and student-staff committees;
  • comments from external examiners, whether made in their formal reports or in discussions with staff during the assessment process;
  • recent external review reports from organisations such as the Quality Assurance Agency and professional bodies;
  • general issues identified through departmental mechanisms such as peer observation of teaching;
  • Equal Opportunities reports. (Only for undergraduate and postgraduate taught annual reviews).

Where appropriate for the programmes under review, feedback from employers and industry professionals may also be used.

There are separate procedures for reviews of taught and research programmes.

Annual review of taught programmes

Annual review of postgraduate research programmes

Annual Reviews are administered by the Academic Quality and Policy Office in Registry. Queries should be directed to the Faculty Assistant Registrar.