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As well as theme champion Sue Clayton, academics from other departments, including English and Music, are undertaking research that relates to the Creativity Research theme.

Research Theme Reid Scholarship holder 2013/14:

Bergit Arends

Supervisors: Professor Felix Driver and Dr Harriet Hawkins (Geography) and Professor Helen Gilbert (Drama and Theatre).

Curating Art in the Age of the Anthropocene

Recent years have seen a surge in artists’ projects engaging with environmental questions, experimenting with new forms for exhibition, display, and public engagement. As a consequence artists have sought new constituencies and institutional frameworks in which creative experimentation can take place. Frequently these projects are instigated by and enabled through a contemporary art curator.   

The project will survey environmental art projects from the 1960s but with a focus on the past two decades. In particular the research considers curatorial and artistic practices in relation to contemporary notions of the ‘Anthropocene’, a term intended to highlight the significance of human agency within the Earth’s natural system (Crutzen & Stoermer, 2000). To date little critical attention has been paid to exploring how the ‘Anthropocene’ has been taken up and interpreted through curatorial and creative practice in relation to the environment.

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BrianLockBrian Lock   is a composer who is equally well-known for his film scores, such as the Land Girls and The Portrait of a Lady, as for being at the forefront of the classical/technological boundaries in musical composition.

At Royal Holloway, Lock supervises the PhD in Composition in the Music department and is a senior lecturer in composition and creative music technology.

Music for Flute, iPad and Birds

Lock's newest composition, scored for flute, iPad and birdsong, was premiered in New York in early 2012. He created the piece using open sound control technology and new live composition apps which Lock has created for the iPad.

Composition app for the iPad

In June 2012, Lock unveiled an iPad app that he had developed, which enables the tablet to be used as a classical music instrument.

He hopes it can be used in palliative care, to help engage vulnerable young people and enable disabled people to create music.

KREIDER_staff directory

Dr Kristen Kreider is a senior lecturer in Creative Writing (Poetry) at Royal Holloway where she is also director of the practice-based PhD programme across the Faculty of  Arts as well as the director of Graduate Studies for the Department of English.

She also works as a poet in collaboration with architect James O'Leary with their work engaging with the particularities of a given site – be this a physical, architectural location or more abstract locus of creative intent – in order to open up meaning. This work takes on  many creative forms such as installations, performance and time-based media.

Poetics and Place

Dr Kreider has just completed a monograph entitled Poetics and Place: The Architecture of Sign, Subjects and Site in which she explored elements of poetic practice in relation to materiality, spatiality and subjectivity.

She worked closely with five artists and poets to complete this research project.

Current projects

She is currently working on a short book on the Poetics, Phemenology and politics of Falling as well as researching for a forthcoming monograph called Artists Writing: Storytelling, Place & Identity.


Dr David Williams, Reader in Drama, not only teaches at Royal Holloway but also works as a performer, writer, dramaturg, editor, journalist and translator. His research, both scholarly and practical, focuses on contemporary performance theory and practice. He focuses on this theme in relation to processes of generation and composition of devised work.

He is currently the dramaturg for Lone Twin Theatre.

The Boat Project

The Lone Twin Boat Project, headed by Williams, used the latest yacht building technology to transform wooden objects donated by people in the south east into a seaworthy archive of stories and memories. 

The finished boat was launched in May 2012 along with a book edited by Williams entitled The Lone Twin Boat Project.


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