Kristen Kreider leading exciting new initiative to create pop-up gallery

Posted on 04/11/2013
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Kristen Kreider (Department of English), who joins Sue Clayton as co-Theme Champion next academic year, is leading an exciting new initiative to create a pop-up gallery which will be able to display and promote visual, graphic, text, performance and audio-visual work.

This lightweight and portable gallery structure will be developed and used further at the Generative Constraints Practice PhD conference on 16 November 2013, and can be booked to be adapted and used by all other Royal Holloway departments and events. (The June 2014 Celebrity conference is already planning on presenting an exhibition using the pop-up). We hope it will be a valuable addition to arts, communication and creativity across all Faculties of Royal Holloway, and will be used both to enhance the campus and to promote the College in the wider world.


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