Facility Developments

Natural Grass Pitch Drainage

Aim: Improve the playing quality of the 1st team match pitches


Progress: Completed September 2013


Fitness Refurbishment

Aim: Improve the fitness offer and increase opportunities of physical activity 

Investment: circa £90,000+

Progress: Completed September 2013


The overriding change would be moving the class programme into the more spacious sports hall. By doing this we would be able maintain the number of classes being delivered on a weekly basis (28), increase capacity by 50%, and provide a more suitable venue. This would allow the number participating in classes to grow from an average of 327 per week to around 770 per week. 

Reconfiguring the sports hall would also allow the College to address capacity and equipment availability issues within the gym during peak times. Implementing these recommendations would increase availability of equipment from current level of 42% to 54%.

The “be.active” programme, designed to engage casual users of the College’s sport and fitness facilities, has this year has engaged 1,600 people, which is an increase of 500 on 2011/12 levels. The programme 9 has provided 9,000 opportunities in terms 1 and 2 for students to participate in physical activity. Adjusting the “be.active” programme of activities.

Outdoor Facility Developments (Nobles)

Tennis/Netball Courts, Sand Based ATP, 3G Pitch, Car Parking

Aim: Enhance the outdoor playing facilities for all and meeting facility short-fall.

Investment: £1,000,000+

Progress: Planning has been submitted with the outcome expected in March.

Outdoor Facility Development (East Fields)

Aim: Create a new high quality natural turf playing pitch

Investment: £100,000+

Progress: Planning has been submitted with the outcome expected in March. 

Kingswood Facility Refurbishment

Aim: Provide recreational facilities to provide more active lifestyle opportunities for residents

Investment: £100,000+

Progress: Scheme design being developed following student survey

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