What's happening with our Governance Review?

As part of our current Governance Review, we are revising our statutes to ensure that they are clearly articulated and consistent with legal requirements. Our aim is for the College statutes to provide an efficient governance structure, which is suitable for a modern university.

What's happened with the review so far?

  • In March 2014, the College Council approved the publication of a set of draft statutes, so that a consultation with the College community could begin. Nearly 150 colleagues and students took part in an online survey and the College hosted three focus groups in 2014.
  • The feedback from the consultation was collated by the Project Board, who updated the set of draft statutes, which were returned to College Council in November 2014 and Academic Board in December 2014 for further consideration. If you would like to see this version of the draft statutes, you can view a copy here.
  • In March 2015, a new draft statute (statute 9) about academic employment was agreed by the University and College Union (UCU). It has since been shared with all UCU members, and both the Project Board and Academic Board for comment. The draft version of statute 9 can be seen in full here. 


What are the next steps for the review?

  • Academic Board's comments were reviewed by the Project Board and a working group of Academic Board members. In June 2015, Academic Board agreed a draft to recommend to Council, and Council approved, thereby beginning informal discussions with Privy Council and with the University of London.
  • If either the University of London or Privy Council require changes to be made, the comments will be refered to the Project Board and Council as appropriate.
  • Once an informally approved document is agreed with the Privy Council, Council will be asked to approve the revised statutes by a Special Resolution. A Special Resolution requires Council to pass a Resolution at one meeting, and to confirm the Resolution at a subsequent meeting held between one month and three months later. To be valid two-thirds of members need to be present, and the Resolution needs to be passed by two-thirds of the members present.

What are the main changes to the College statutes?

Through the review process, there have been some changes to the statutes, which are reflected in the new draft set of statutes. Find out what the main changes are by clicking here.

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Any questions?

If you have questions or queries, please contact the Secretariat team