College Council

The College Council is the governing body of the College, with responsibility for financial probity and setting its overall strategic direction.Lay members

There are 25 members in the council, 16 of whom are appointed from outside Royal Holloway (lay members). Lay members are selected to provide a range of skills and experiences for the College to draw on. Each lay member is appointed for an initial term of five years.

Lay members also serve on College committees, such as Nominations, Finance and Equality and Diversity. Members of Council are also the trustees of the Founder’s Endowment Fund, a trust established in 1992 for the benefit of Royal Holloway.


Mr Stephen Cox CVO is the Chairman of the Council and of several committees including the Remuneration Committee. This sets the pay of the Principal and College Secretary. The Principal, Professor Paul Layzell is answerable to the Chairman.

Structure of Council

The Principal and President of the Student’s Union are ex officio members of the Council.The remaining membership is made up of: 

Three members elected by non-academic staff

Two members elected by the academic teaching staff

One member of the academic teaching staff elected by members of the Academic Board. 

There is also one student member elected by the students.


Council members have a Statement of Primary Responsibilities. All Council members devote a considerable amount of their own time to the College. Much of this is devoted to governance activities but they also help promote the interests of the College, building networks and encouraging supporters.

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