UCAS visit days

Posted on 30/01/2012

Our UCAS visit days season is now well underway, running on most Wednesdays through to March 2012. 


The main information point for visitors is in the Windsor foyer, with talks in the Windsor auditorium, campus tours with our student ambassadors, and a variety of department specific events, talks and workshops hosted across campus. Applicants will be able to find out more about accommodation and finance and to collect a range of information and literature about life in College. For each UCAS visit day we anticipate that between 100-700 pre-booked visitors will be joining us on campus for a programme of talks and tours from 9.30am-3pm. Car Park 12 will be reserved exclusively for the use of visitors on the day and members of the College are politely re-directed to park elsewhere on these occasions.


The most important part of each visit day will be through visits to departments, as well as centrally organised tours and information sessions. Academic departments and the Central Admissions Team together put enormous effort into visit days to create a positive impression of the College and to help persuade applicants that we should be their first choice.


With the change in government policy, it is now even more important that we create the most favourable impression with applicants and their parents and supporters. The applicants that visit us on Wednesdays have already decided to put Royal Holloway on their shortlist, and we have already decided to offer them a place. Our job now is to convince them to make us their firm choice, so that we can convert as many of these candidates as possible into students next year. 


For those not directly involved in visits, please remember to show your support in whatever way possible. This help might involve supporting colleagues directly involved in visits. We are all ambassadors for the College, so please look out for visitors and be prepared to provide them with directions or answers to questions they may have, so that they enjoy the day and get the most out of their time with us.


Information for UCAS days visiting applicants can be found on our website at the link below: www.rhul.ac.uk/studyhere/opendays/ucasvisitdays.aspx


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