Search25 introduces 'Library Hopping'

Posted on 28/11/2012
Bedford Library

Search25 is the new regional resource discovery tool for London and the South East; providing one stop access to the library catalogues of nearly 60 world-renowned institutions and specialist collections within the M25 Consortium of Academic Libraries. Search25 helps you to discover library resources, to see where the libraries are and to find out how to visit them. It provides library users with enhanced information on bibliographic data and local holdings.

Have you tried library hopping?

A coordinated publicity campaign to launch the new service, introduces the concept of “Library Hopping”, complete with an informational video on YouTube and supporting posters, bookmarks and travel card holders. 

The SEARCH25 (Strengthening Electronic Access to Consortial Holdings in the M25) project was led by Royal Holloway on behalf of the M25 Consortium of Academic Libraries, and funded by JISC. The Royal Holloway team on Search 25 included John Tuck, Amy Warner, Graham Seaman, James Riding and Julie Carr and the project manager was John Gilby.

You can find the Search25 resource discovery service at:

The M25 Consortium of Academic Libraries is a collaborative organisation that works to improve library and information services within the M25 region and more widely across the East and Southeast. Its aim is to provide services and resources for the benefit of learners and researchers. Other project achievements include:

- successful use of multiple open source software products Xerxes & Pazpar2 to create a new resource discovery service of value to students, academics and researchers. This also provides a platform for future service development.

- the Search25 Licensing Report produced by SERO Consulting Ltd. The report is based on work undertaken to ascertain relevance, potential and appetite for open licensing of bibliographic metadata through the new service. Although data in the Search25  context comprises small ‘release of data,’ the M25 Consortium believes this represents an important step in the open metadata journey and  that the guidance notes provided through the report will enable the Consortium to facilitate adoption of open licensing by member libraries. It will be the responsibility of the M25 Steering Group to consider the report and guidance and to agree next steps for any broader open bibliographic shared service.  A thorough analysis of user expectations of the new service including use-cases compiled  by the University of Sheffield Information School and available at Report on Evaluation of the Search25 Demo System.

- development of an API for M25 library data which has potential for re-use by other services. Search25 includes a database with large amounts of information about individual libraries belonging to institutions within the consortium, the subjects they cover, and about access rights agreements between these institutions. This data has been made available to external applications needing information about academic libraries in the South East through an API which enables real-time queries. Search25 itself uses this API for its library information. The API runs on port 5225 of the Search25 website ie.

and the available instructions are described on .

There are currently no restrictions on its use.

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