Queen Victoria's daily diary tweets transport to another world

Posted on 20/11/2012

The North Quad statue has the following script "Victoria Queen of Great Britain and Ireland Empress of India opened the Royal Holloway College June 30 1886 in the 50th year of her reign"

Queen Victoria is keeping hundreds of Twitter followers amused from the transcripts of her diary which are being submitted in near real-time chunks through the account @QueenVicTweets thanks to Royal Holloway history graduate Ashley Coates.

Having started to tweet Queen Victoria's daily diary entries in September, the account now boasts 755 followers and has attracted interest from:

  • BBC History magazine.
  • History Today.
  • Bristol Evening Post.
  • Heart Radio.
  • Historical Association.
  • Kate Williams (RH lecturer, royal expert for BBC News, Sky News)
  • Amanda Vickery (former RH lecturer, historian)
  • William Hanson. (étiquette expert for BBC News)
  • George Johnson (presenter, Channel 4)

Over half of the followers are from outside of the UK, mainly US and Commonwealth countries.

Katherine Howard tweeted, " Really enjoying reading @QueenVicTweets. Transports to another world for a few second each time!"

while Jason Bogus commented, "@QueenVicTweets is an amazingly clever idea. Now I can leverage technology to satisfy my crush on Queen Victoria."

There is a website for the project here: www.queenvictweets.com

The account itself is here: twitter.com/queenvictweets.

The Twitter account was conceived by Ashley who wanted to fuel his love of history in a new and unique manner, combining the former monarch’s old vernacular with one of the most modern forms of communication.


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