Politics conference strengthens research links

Posted on 06/06/2012

The Department of Politics and International Relations played host to a one-day conference celebrating the study of politics and the political at Royal Holloway, University of London at the end of May. Researchers from seven departments — including Classics and Philosophy, Criminology and Sociology, Drama and Theatre, Geography, Management, Media Arts and Music — presented papers on a range of fascinating subjects, from the politics of the classical city to the governance of forest resources in South America. Several more departments were represented by other participants in the audience.

The full list of presenters and theirs papers included:

Gül Berna Özcan (Management): Conceptualising post-Soviet capitalism and new capitalists: the politics of the Mikado Game

Brendan McSweeney (Management): Maximizing shareholder wealth: rentiers’ delight and economic disaster

Adam Alston and Rebecca Daker (Drama and Theatre): Contemporary theatre ‘philanthropy’ and the purchase of participatory privilege: a socio-economic critique

John Ellis (Media Arts): Four theses on the mediatisation of politics

Sarah Moore (Criminology and Sociology): A critical appraisal of nudge theory

Richard Alston (Classics and Philosophy): Politics and the classical city: liberalism, republicanism and communitarianism

Jay Mistry and Céline Tschirhart (Geography): The governance of forest resources in the Guiana Shield, South America—the impact of climate change policies

Anna Morcom (Music): Bollywood and its ‘others’: dance, power and marginalisation in India

Ravinder Barn (Criminology and Sociology): Transracial adoption in Britain: politics, ideology and reality

Speaking after the event, Dr Nicholas Allen, the principal convenor, said: "This conference demonstrates the fantastic variety and vibrancy of political research at Royal Holloway. The Department of Politics and International Relations is always keen to engage with scholars in other disciplines, and we hope this event will strengthen the links between researchers here at the College."

The conference was held on Thursday 31 May and it was supported by a small grant from the Faculty of Arts and Social Science.


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