Call for campus-based co-curricular activities for Passport Award

Posted on 25/06/2012

Students receiving their Passport Awards for 2011-12

After a successful pilot year for the Royal Holloway Passport in 2011 - 12, we are now expanding the scheme to cover a wider spread of campus-based co-curricular activities, and encouraging colleagues to submit areas of student work or activity for consideration for inclusion in 2012 - 13.

The Passport is a key part of the College’s strategy for enhancing the student experience and enhancing the employment success of our graduates. It highlights the achievements and contributions made by students beyond their academic accomplishments. Students are awarded points for the completion of a range of activities (such as volunteering, tutoring, educational support) and/or positions of responsibility (such as SU society committee member, course representative). As part of the Passport, students attend a coaching session to reflect on  the skills they have developed in this activity  and how to present them to employers.  In its pilot year the seven Passport areas included SU activity, Community Action, Tutoring and Mentoring, Outreach, Residential Support and Educational Support.

825 students are currently engaged in Passport-recognised activity. Although the award is designed for completion in two to three years, 35 students energetically achieved their Passport within nine months. The main benefits of having your departmental activity recognised within the Passport are the encouragement and motivation of your students and the satisfaction of contributing to their future success in the graduate job market.

Going into 2012 - 13 we are keen to increase the scope of the Passport Award to include more activities, which will open up the scheme to a greater number of students by adding new streams of activity from both academic and non-academic departments.  To qualify, the activity must be clearly co-curricular, that is, in no way contributing to their degree award (although it can be academic in content). The principle is that the activity should be something extra to their degree, an aspect frequently mentioned by graduate employers. It can be paid or unpaid. We are keeping the administration of the Passport as light touch as possible.  Area leaders have the freedom to set their own tariff of Passport points within the guidelines provided. The main administrative requirements is the commitment to two simple data uploads of verified student involvement per term, so that student progress and communication can be managed. 

To propose an area of student work or activity for recognition through the scheme, please complete this short document. Two completed examples are provided here and here for reference. Please submit your completed document by mid-July to ensure your proposal is considered.

For any further information about the Passport Award or support with the document, please contact Anne Delauzun at the Careers Service at or ext. 3073.

This is an exciting and distinctive development for Royal Holloway and we look forward to involving many more areas of activity to continue its success.



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