Olympics and Paralympics on Campus: Guidance for Staff

Posted on 06/07/2012

This page gives guidance for staff on a range of important matters to consider through the Olympic period. Please read it carefully and direct any questions to the members of staff identified in each section.

The Olympic Games take place between 27 July and 12 August and are followed by the Paralympics between 29 August and 9 September, however the Olympics part of our campus will be inaccessible to staff from 2 July until 5 September.

Working arrangements

We anticipate that there will be increased traffic in the local area and we know that there will be reduced parking for staff on campus. 

Some staff may be able to work from home, flex their working hours or take annual leave; these arrangements must be made in agreement with your line manager. When working from home, it is important that you agree your work plan ahead of the period with your manager and that you are fully contactable at all times. Please ensure that you use your out of office facility to advise others of how to contact you.

We expect that all departments will remain open, and in each case, the Head of Department will work with staff to ensure that this happens.

Queries regarding these arrangements should be directed to your HR Manager (www.rhul.ac.uk/humanresources/hrcontacts.aspx).

Recording your working arrangements

We are asking each Head of Department to identify someone within their team who can record everyone’s known periods of absence. For each day through the Olympic and Paralympic period, you will be asked to say whether you intend to work from home, be on leave, be in the office or work elsewhere such as conferences or fieldtrips. We are keeping these records only so that we can know, in the event of a major incident, who is definitely not on campus at any given time so it is very important that you provide this information. 

Queries regarding these arrangements should be directed to your Head of Department.

As per existing Lone Working arrangements, please inform Security directly if you are working on campus on your own out of hours or on weekends.

Campus Security and Emergencies

Please ensure that you have and wear a College Card around campus throughout the period. If you do not have a card, please contact v.reekie @rhul.ac.uk in order to get one.

Refer activity that is suspicious or of concern to Security on x444 or 01784 443888, as they are in direct contact with LOCOG Security and Surrey Police.

In evacuation of a building or wider area being required please follow Fire Marshalls and Security Officers; alternative evacuation arrangements are being prepared should the usual fire assembly points be unavailable. These arrangements will be communicated to Fire Marshalls and Heads of Department once confirmed.

Queries regarding these arrangements should be directed to richard.mallett @rhul.ac.uk|.

Contacting the Emergency Services

If you need to call the emergency services, please ensure that you state clearly whether they should enter the campus through the Piggery Gate (for incidents below the road block at the SU) or through the RHUL entrance (for incidents above the road block at the SU).   This is important, as the emergency services will not be able to cross the road block, and we must ensure that time is not wasted in an emergency. If you call the emergency services please also inform Security who will meet them at the relevant entrance.

Calling the Fire Service

All calls to the Fire Service will continue to be made by our Security Services, in accordance with our current procedures; staff are not to call the Fire Service directly.

The College Fire Evacuation Procedures will continue to operate as normal and can be found in the Fire Safety section of the College Health & Safety web pages.

Emergency Communications

In the event of an emergency, we will provide information to you in one or more of the following ways:

- On the College alert webpages www.rhul.ac.uk/aboutus/newsandevents/alert.aspx

- We will leave a recorded message for staff and the public on the switchboard number, 01784 434455

- We will email you

- We will send text messages to all staff if appropriate, e.g. if the campus is inaccessible.

Please ensure that you have recorded your mobile number on the myview system so that we can text you in an emergency. We will be emailing all staff with a reminder of how to update details shortly but if you know your payroll number you can do this now at https://myview.rhul.northgate-is.com/rhvl/Portal/.

Queries regarding these arrangements should be directed to helen.coleman @rhul.ac.uk.

Dealing with the media

There may be press or photographers on campus. If approached, please refer them to the press office on x3552 or 07818 014167 or 07939 499480, or in the case of an emergency incident direct them to the Press Suite which will be set up in these circumstances in Windsor 1.05 and where a member of the press office will be at all times. Please do not enter into any conversation with the media beyond this. As at any time coordinated communication to the press is important to avoid bringing the College into disrepute; during this summer we must ensure we are not in breach of our contract with LOCOG.

Queries regarding these arrangements should be directed to sophia.haque @rhul.ac.uk.

Visitors to College

Any visitors to the College during the summer will also be affected so you may prefer to use telephone or video conferencing for meetings if possible, or for you to travel out rather than invite guests to campus. However, academic departments will need to make provision for prospective students to visit as usual.

Construction on site

As per usual contractor staff undertaking building work on the site will be issued with RHUL Contractor permits. Queries regarding this can be directed to nigel.wingfield @rhul.ac.uk.  

Shuttle Bus from the station and to and from the Sports Centre

A free shuttle bus service will be provided from 2 July – 4 September.  There will be three buses running from Egham railway station to the tennis courts by Founder’s to Noble’s Field/Sports Centre on a continuous loop from 6am – 12midnight 7 days a week.  Please ensure you carry your College card in case you are asked for identification.

There will be no access for staff from the campus to the Sports Centre throughout the summer, so you should make use of this Shuttle Bus.  For your own safety please do not walk along Prune Hill under any circumstances.

Parking through the summer and in Graduation Week

From Friday 22 June  2012 until the end of the Paralympic period, staff will be able to park on the hockey pitch, in Car Park 12, the Arts Building car park and around Founder’s.  During Graduation Week (9 – 13 July 2012), no staff will be permitted to park on campus, to allow space for our visitors.

During Graduation Week, you should park on Nobles Field at the Sports Centre and use the shuttle bus service to reach campus. This will also be possible during the entire Games period, should you be unable to park elsewhere. Again, please do not walk along Prune Hill but make use of the free bus service provided.

Updates to parking arrangements are available on the College webpages http://www.rhul.ac.uk/restricted/contensis/2012games/informationforstaff/home.aspx.

Additional Contact Details

If you have any other questions or concerns relating to the Olympics Village please contact janet.heaney @rhul.ac.uk.

For any questions relating to major incident management please contact hollie.white @rhul.ac.uk.


 Agree and record your working arrangements with your department

 Log your mobile number on myview https://myview.rhul.northgate-is.com/rhvl/Portal/

 Wear your College ID and be observant on campus at all times

 Don’t talk to journalists

 Report anything suspicious to Security. 


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