College achieves significant milestone for managing sustainability

Posted on 23/07/2012

Royal Holloway has been officially awarded ISO 14001 certification for its Environmental Management System (EMS), marking a major step forward for the College’s efforts in managing its sustainability.

The award this month follows a year of hard work by the Sustainability Team and others and encompasses the College’s operations, community of over 10,000 students and staff and buildings across our 135 acre campus.

Anna Kosteletos, Energy & Sustainability Manager said,

“ISO 14001 certification represents a significant milestone for us and demonstrates that we have met an internationally accepted standard with an effective Environmental Management System.

ISO 14001 has enabled us to identify our impacts on the environment and to devise a detailed Environmental Sustainability Strategy to reduce these. It has involved putting in place a plan for the projects and programmes that reduce our impacts on the environment, a process to check and implement corrective action to ensure continuous environmental performance,  and a framework to review what we are doing.”

Anna added,

“This achievement would not have been possible without the ongoing support of many staff members and we thank them all and encourage even more to get involved by signing up for our Green Impact initiative which will really help to improve our environmental performance.”

Director of Estates, Stephen Bland commented,

“I am very pleased with our achievements to date, and the plans we have for meeting future challenges. The ISO 14001 standard is designed to address the delicate balance between maintaining profitablility and reducing our environmental impacts; with the commitment of our entire organisation, it will enable us to achieve both objectives. “

Royal Holloway is committed to the principles and practice of environmental sustainability in what we do and how we operate. We are providing leadership on sustainability through our facilities, our campus, our education and research and through developing a culture of sustainability at the College.

Environmental impact is becoming an increasingly important issue across the globe, with pressure to minimize that impact coming from a number of sources, from local and national governments, regulators and trade associations, to customers, employees and shareholders. Social pressures are also building up from the growing array of interested parties, such as consumer, environmental and minority non-governmental organisations (NGOs), academia and neighbours.

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