Departmental Health and Safety Staff Induction

Posted on 15/04/2013

Policy and Procedure Effective from 15 April 2013

The College Departmental Health and Safety Staff Induction Policy and Procedure has been revised and supersedes the existing version (dated July 2009). Its requirements apply to all departments and are effective from 15th April 2013.

General duties under health and safety legislation and specific requirements under Article 21 of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety Order) 2005 place an obligation on the College to provide its staff with appropriate information, instruction and training at the time when they are first employed, and periodically thereafter. Formal College arrangements for the induction of staff have existed since 2003, a process devolved to departments and conducted by either a Departmental Health and Safety Co-ordinator or other members of departmental staff following the guidance provided on the College Health and Safety Office website. This process is also the trigger for identifying other training and assessment needs.

This Policy and Procedure, therefore, continues to reflect the College’s commitment to ensuring that all new staff are made aware of the health and safety issues (including fire safety) applicable to their work and working environment in order that their own health and safety, and that of others, is not placed at risk.

The following is not intended to be an exhaustive list of the changes and provisions, and should be read in conjunction with the full version of the Policy and Procedure, but your attention is drawn to the following:

- All College documents which relate to departmental health and safety staff induction are available on the Health and Safety Office website at the following link.

-  Heads of Department/School/Directors (hereafter referred to as ‘managers’) have overall responsibility for implementing the requirements of this Policy and Procedure (Section 2).

- The Departmental Health and Safety Induction Checklist will continue to be the means of providing the minimum information to all staff (Section 3).

- To ensure the inclusion of all staff groups within the induction process, the Policy contains specific provisions which apply to casual workers (Section 4) and visiting teachers (Section 5).

-  Completion rates for the induction of permanent staff will now be monitored centrally (Section 6). In addition to the requirement to securely retain completed checklists in each department for a minimum of 6 years, an on-line notification must also be completed and submitted to the Health and Safety Office Secretary/Administrative Assistant, confirming induction has been conducted. Reports will be produced initially every 3 months in order to monitor induction completion rates. The process for completing the notification (including the form) is available at the following link.

-  Departmental compliance will also be reviewed by members of the College Health and Safety Office during the health and safety audit process.

Where any doubt exists as to the action to be taken, or advice or assistance is required, contact should be made with the College’s Director of Health and Safety.

Additional polite reminder

Further to previous communications, there is a deadline of 1st May for the following:

1) Completion of Periodic Fire Safety Training for all your staff

2) Implementation of the revised College Driving and Vehicle Safety Policy and Procedure.

Matt Purcell

Director of Health and Safety

15th April 2013


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