Geography Professor joins debate on Chagos Islands

Posted on 01/03/2012
turtle at sea

Turtles versus People – is it that simple?

Turtles versus People – is it that simple?

5.30pm on Saturday 3rd March at the Riverside Studios, Hammersmith Studio 2.

Professor David Simon, Professor Of Development Geography at Royal Holloway, is one of the speakers at an event debating the Marine Protection Area of the Chagos Islands, exploring whether the return of the exiled islanders is incompatible with the idea of a Marine Protection Area. Or could man and woman, and nature live side by side in this much-contested zone of the Indian Ocean?

The follow up debate on Saturday 10th March will invite prominent players in this much-contested international dispute to offer their vision of the way forward, whatever the outcome of the European Court case.

Mauritius claims sovereignty of this and the other Chagos Islands – the UK Government is disputing this claim.

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