Support for the Annual Fund results in help for College causes

Posted on 12/03/2012

Student callers celebrate the Annual Fund

This year’s Annual Fund has seen the support of our Alumni, Friends and Parents of current students continue to grow with 20 percent of those contacted during November and February donating to the College. Over the two calling campaigns we’ve secured pledges of over £100,000 from 688 supporters to help provide much needed support to causes around the College. With almost 200 donors supporting the College through regular giving the Annual Fund has even greater financial security and we can widen the scope of the help we are able to give to current students.

 At a Glance

  • Total contacted: 3,316
  • Total donors: 688
  • Total pledged: over £100,000
  • Participation rate: 20%


This year we’ve been able to help the School of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures and the Geography Department. Alumni of the School of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures have responded enthusiastically to the request for help from the Department. Alumni have contributed over £2,000 to help purchase much needed Digital Recorders that are used to record all undergraduate and postgraduate oral examinations as well as in exam meetings between postgraduates and staff. These recorders are invaluable in providing precision recording for the department.

We’ve raised enough money to buy a water quality meter to be used across the Geography Department and bring together interests in physical and human environments, particularly in Africa and South America.  The water meter will be used for training in the first year field course in Andalusia, on the second year courses in Kenya and Ireland, and in other specialist environmental options in the third year of the degree. The purchase of the meter will help train the next generation of development geographers and environmental scientists, and could have a real impact on the lives and conditions of people in the Global South.

As well as encouraging Alumni, Friends and Parents to support the Annual Fund through donations we are also keen to secure work placements and engage our supporters through volunteering. During this year’s Annual Fund we’ve secured two work experience placements for students who are interested in working in Law. We’ve also spoken to a number of alumni who were interested in coming back to the College and talking about their careers to current students.  

The College Archives have also benefitted from the support of our Alumni and have expanded their collection as Alumni of Royal Holloway and Bedford College have shared photographs and graduations gowns. These are invaluable contributions that help us document the rich history that makes up both institutions of the University.

Thank you to all of our supporters! With the 70 percent cuts in our teaching grants from the Government, the support of donors is more important than ever in making up the shortfall between the income we receive from fees and the actual costs of educating the next generation at the College. From support of the Library Development Fund to Greatest Needs every penny donated makes a real difference to the lives of current students.

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