Changes to the Structure of Committees and Working Groups following the creation of the Directorate of Student Experience

Posted on 07/01/2014

Following a proposal by the Director of Student Experience and consultation with key stakeholders across the College, changes are being made to the current suite of student-focused committees and working groups.

The primary purpose of the proposed changes is to establish committees and supporting working groups that cover all elements of the student experience, both academic and non-academic. The new committees will complement the work done by the Learning, Teaching and Quality Committee (LTQC) and its sub-committees, which drive changes within an academic context.

At present, there is no equivalent of LTQC for non-academic aspects of the student experience. To remedy this, two new committees are proposed: Student Welfare and Support, and Student Life.

Student Welfare and Support will cover the full range of welfare and support services including non-academic discipline, campus entertainment, security and other non-academic provision. Due to the nature of its business, this committee will replace both the SU/College Liaison Committee and the Support & Advisory Executive Forum. The committee will also absorb aspects of residential support and diversity/equality monitoring in non-academic student life.

The Student Life Committee will ensure that campus life, with its communities and groups, is vibrant, rich and varied. The committee will cover hall and local life, retail operations, sport, performing arts, co-curricular activity, volunteering, part-time employment and internships. As such, the committee absorbs of the Knowing, Developing and Living Student Experience working groups, as well as providing a clearer reporting line for several formal and informal steering groups, such as the Welcome Week Planning Group.

By reducing and reorganising these committees, we can ensure that they are operating effectively, with appropriate channels to escalate issues where they arise.

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