Special arrangements for students during the flooding

Posted on 13/02/2014
Despite the severe weather in and around Egham, College continues to operate normally. However, we know that a number of students (and staff) have been evacuated from their homes, or may struggle to travel because of the disruption.  We hope to minimise the impact of this disruption on their studies by asking departments to ensure that:
  • Every effort is made to record lectures for students who can’t get in. These recordings can be wiped at the end of the year
  • Hand-outs and materials are placed on Moodle before the session or as soon after as possible
  • Affected students are allowed to submit assignments electronically
  • In the event that electronic submission is not possible because of the nature of the material, affected students should be given an extension.
  • Departments will already have processes in place to ensure that there is consistency in the granting of extensions.  As we would normally expect, the requests must be backed up by evidence.
  • Where students are claiming non-attendance is due to flood related disruption similar evidence should be sought. Students should be advised to update contact and address details in Banner as soon as possible.  In addition:
    • Students should be informed that the College reserves the right to audit evidence submitted
    • If students have had to be evacuated from their accommodation this will normally account for a 2-4 days of absence but longer periods will require additional evidence
  • Absence from in-class tests will require evidence and again may be audited. In such instances, alternative assessment should normally be offered. 
If in time, those affected miss a number of key teaching sessions which can't be easily replicated, it may be necessary to adjust exam papers for these students or provide alternative assessment.  Failing these options, the examination board can take the absences into account, as would be the case for any student with extenuating circumstances. The Assistant Registrars will be able to advise academic departments and examination boards on the options open to them if further advice is required. 

If the bad weather persists and a significant number of students miss teaching as a result, we may have to deliver replacement sessions outside standard teaching hours.  This will be reviewed as the situation develops.
If research students are in danger of missing vivas due to travel problems, requests to conduct a viva using Skype can be approved via Katie Barke in Student Administration, Registry. 

We are aware that we are asking a lot of Departments but the circumstances are exceptional and we ask for your cooperation in dealing with difficult times.

We are continuing to monitor the situation and have a put in place a range of contingencies to support students and ensure that College continues to operate normally. You can find out more about this here

Simon Higman  
Registrar and Director of Operations 

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