Update from the Directorate of Student Recruitment and Partnerships

Posted on 24/02/2014
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The recently established Directorate of Student Recruitment & Partnerships is responsible for the recruitment of HEU and overseas students, all student admissions and applicant management as well as the development of institutional partnerships which include an element of student mobility. 

Since the establishment of the Directorate, there have been substantial achievements across its remit. On Wednesday 19th, over 1,000 visitors were welcomed to campus for our largest ever Applicant Visit Day, giving applicants the opportunity to engage with staff from across the College including academics and students from their prospective academic departments. The Visit Day was followed by the annual International Scholarships Reception, celebrating the achievements of over 60 of our scholars from across the globe.

The commitment of Royal Holloway departments in supporting recruitment and conversion initiatives on and off campus is reflected in application and enrolment data for 2014 entry. Our undergraduate application levels have increased by 10% compared with 2013, and with a 29% increase in taught postgraduate applications.

Staff across the Directorate involved in all stages of the applicant journey are striving to deliver an excellent service in the recruitment and admission of our students. Offer rates are considerably higher compared with 2013, with a 12% rise in undergraduate offers made and 55% increase in offers issued to postgraduate applicants.

A key goal of the Directorate is to work closely with colleagues in both academic departments and professional services in order to improve student recruitment, and to support the development of institutional partnerships so as to enhance the experience of our students, as well as Royal Holloway’s reputation.  Further information about the work of the Directorate, and how departments can engage with its activities, can be found on the Student Recruitment and Partnerships iQuad pages.

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