Our new URL and email alias

Posted on 31/03/2014
URL and email alias

URL and email alias change to royalholloway.ac.uk

What’s in a name? Quite a lot actually, which is why we have taken the decision to update our website URL and email addresses.

Research undertaken during our re-brand exercise last year indicated that prospective students are more likely to identify with and remember royalholloway.ac.uk compared to rhul.ac.uk; the latter is better known by internal stakeholders.

Using our official name will strengthen the unique identity of our University. It will also help improve our brand awareness and recognition amongst all stakeholders, making our name more memorable. 

In addition, there are search engine optimisation (SEO) benefits that will improve our web ranking as our name (a keyword) will become our domain name.

URL change date

Our IT department will action the website URL change on Tuesday 1 April. Redirects will be put in place so that old URLs will still work. The following changes will be made:

  • www.rhul.ac.uk/everypage will appear as www.royalholloway.ac.uk/everypage
  • Email address change 

    You will be able to receive emails to '...@royalholloway.ac.uk.' Our IT department will create re-directs from your old address so:

  • initial.lastname@rhul.ac.uk will redirect to initial.lastname@royalholloway.ac.uk
  • firstname.lastname@rhul.ac.uk will redirect to firstname.lastname@royalholloway.ac.uk
  • Our student email accounts will remain unchanged. Instructions are available on iQuad on how to .


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