You said... We did!

Posted on 10/10/2013

Campus Services, the College’s largest department, recently asked students and staff for their opinions on some of the many services on offer. 

Based on this feedback, we implemented significant changes to the College bus service as well as to the Sports Centre and the Store on Campus.

Customers of the College bus said that they wanted a service that ran all day without any breaks.  The bus services from Egham station and Kingswood have now been linked, ensuring that buses run from 7.58am to 7.53pm without any service interruptions.

In the Sports Centre, customers said that the gym and the free weights area were too small, that the studio was too crowded for the busy exercise classes and that more weights, cardio vascular equipment and resistance machines were required.

As a result of this feedback, the dividing wall in the Sports Centre has been removed to open up the whole fitness suite, allowing for a larger weights area.  Exercise classes have moved to the sports hall, resulting in an increased capacity of 50 per cent and new equipment has been purchased including bars, treadmills and  a cross trainer, as well as a multi station cable machine and ab machine.

A wider range of sandwiches, the provision of bowls and cutlery was requested in The Store on Campus.  New sandwiches have also been introduced and bowls and cutlery are now available for customers.

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