Changes within the Professional Services

Posted on 19/12/2012
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Dear  Colleagues

In the light of the recently announced changes to the SMT I have made some changes within Professional Services to ensure we continue to improve our services and can offer appropriate support to the whole College community whenever required.

I have appointed Laura Gibbs – our Chief information Officer - as Deputy Registrar, in addition to her responsibility for Academic and IT Services. Laura will act as Registrar in all instances when I am unavailable and will take a larger role in the strategic management of Professional Services in the future.

Laura has made a series of changes within Academic Services including the appointment of Paul Phillips to Assistant Registrar with responsibility for partnerships. Laurence Brian has been appointed Deputy Head of Student Fees.  The main contacts for UK Recruitment and Admissions areas are Vikki Cannon for Admissions, Emily Collins for Outreach and Widening Participation and Steve Gray for UK Recruitment - Vikki, Emily and Steve are currently reporting to Laura Gibbs.  In addition Marina Beck has been confirmed as Head of Academic Development and Mark Crompton as Head of Education Development, both reporting to Anna Sendall.

Geoff Ward’s departure means that there is no longer a member of the SMT whose sole responsibility is developing the student experience. The Deans now have responsibility for what happens within Faculties but no one, other than me, has responsibility for the overall effect of Professional Services on the student experience of life at Royal Holloway. The College has a substantial and highly effective Strategic Development Unit, and the most appropriate structure within which to locate the responsibility for this function is within this team.  

I have therefore asked Mike Johnson of the SDU to take on the role of “student champion”, in addition to his current duties, with some specific responsibilities.

Mike will:

- have an overview of everything that the College does (in service areas) that does or might affect the student experience in order to make sure that our provision is joined up and efficient

- have the right to comment on all new initiatives originating in services or central College management from a student experience perspective

- ensure that improving the student experience is perceived as a key and measurable objective in all the relevant aspects of College planning including in the selection and analysis of service performance metrics

- horizon scan and review what we are not doing that would improve the student experience, and make relevant proposals to those responsible, using experience within SDU to analyse current performance in different areas of student experience (compared to the sector or to our competitors) in order to recommend changes, initiatives, or future projects

- deliver measurable improvement to student experience as measured by NSS, ISB, QA processes, and internal KPIs

- develop a Student Experience Strategy, that articulates with, is supported by and supports in turn a range of other strategies, such as the Sports Strategy, that directly impact on the student experience

- have a responsibility to build relationships each year with the Students’ Union sabbatical officers and the recent graduates who have been employed on the Graduate Trainee Programme.

In this new role Mike will also serve as Deputy Director of the SDU, supporting the Director – Julia Roberts – and deputise for her in her absence.

Simon Higman

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