Proposal to Rationalise Spending on Legal Costs

Posted on 16/12/2013

Over the past few years, considerable spending on legal costs across College has created the need to better understand how and what we spend in this area.

At the same time, practices and behaviours in relation to seeking legal advice are changing, as more services move to reduce the number of times cases are referred to lawyers, trusting instead to the competent professional judgments by staff of the risks involved.

In order to gain a clearer picture of departmental and service spending on legal costs, the College is proposing to centralise initial approaches to lawyers through the Secretariat’s Office.

The initial in-house legal function will allow an assessment of whether external legal advice is appropriate and proportionate to the risk profile, as well as ensuring that any instructions to lawyers are drafted in the best possible way to minimise additional case work.

Through structuring our legal advice in this way, we hope to gain greater clarity on spending in this area and, in the longer term, to reduce costs.

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