Interactive League Table Widget: see the impact of the NSS

Posted on 09/12/2013

The Guardian League Table is used by more than three quarters of prospective undergraduate students. The Guardian differs from other national league tables in that it excludes research metrics from its methodology. Instead, the Guardian places greater emphasis on scores returned in the National Student Survey. In particular, the NSS questions to do with teaching, assessment and feedback, and overall satisfaction make up 25% of an institution's overall score.

Last year, we achieved the following scores:

NSS 2012/13
Teaching (%)
Overall Satisfaction (%)
Assessment & Feedback (%)

This placed us 38th overall.

To help you see the impact that the NSS scores have on our ranking in the Guardian League Table, we have created an interactive widget. This enables you to change our scores in the above areas, and see how our ranking increases or decreases as a result.

How to Use the Widget

1. Download the widget here

2. Change the scores by inputting new figures in Column B

  • Red indicates a lower score than we achieved last year
  • Amber indicates the score we achieved last year
  • Green indicates a higher score than we achieved last year

3. Watch our overall ranking increase or decrease

Please note that the widget is as close to the methodology employed by the Guardian League Table as possible but calculations are approximate.

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