Insane presenters attempt radio marathon

Posted on 23/03/2013

Insanity Radio crew attempting the record in 2012

Insanity Radio are excited to announce that once again they will be attempting to beat the Guinness World Record for Longest Marathon for a Radio Music Show DJ - Team! And it's all in aid of charity!

The show, lasting 103.2 Hours (4 days, 7 hours, 12 minutes) will take place in the first week of Royal Holloway’s Easter Holidays, from Monday 25th to Friday 29th March.

The presenters will be Owen Collins and Angus Wyatt, and the record will be overseen by Shammy Ninja-Penguin (A.K.A. Julian Farmer). The record will be raising money for The Teenage Cancer Trust and The Stroke Association. To donate, please visit - you can start donating now, and they really need your help to reach the target of £1,032!

Co-presenter, Angus Wyatt said that they are looking forward to the event, despite feeling tired at the end of a long and hectic term. Wyatt, 21, commented “we have been getting a lot of support from our friends and peers, and that’s what’s going to help us get through the attempt”, adding “the main thing is that we want to raise loads of money for charity and beat the current record.”

The current record stands at 73 hours and was set by Kiss FM in Germany in November 2011. Continuing along the theme of the Insanity Radio frequency, the team are also hoping to get over 103 guests on the show. If you would like to join them for an hour, be it 2pm one afternoon or 3am one morning - please email with your name, when you'd like to be on air and what you'd like to do with your hour.

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