Important announcement regarding nursery provision at Orchard Cottage

Posted on 31/12/2013

We announced just before Christmas that we have awarded the permanent contract for the provision of our nursery to Bright Horizons Family Solutions following a competitive tendering process. 

The tender we ran was required by and in line with procurement legislation, and included visits to the nurseries of those who tendered, advice from an independent childcare expert and a thorough review of the proposed services.

We had expected to organise a smooth transition between our previous provider - Nature’s Nursery – and our new provider, with the new provider in place immediately after Easter and continuous provision in the meantime.

However, we now understand that Nature’s Nursery have informed their staff and parents (but not College as yet) that they do not intend to reopen after Christmas. 

Our new provider, Bright Horizons, will now move as quickly as possible to set up their nursery at Orchard Cottage and minimise the amount of time the nursery remains closed.  A major factor is Ofsted registration, and Bright Horizons are already in contact with Ofsted and the local council to ensure that all relevant approvals and registrations are set up as quickly as possible.

We are confident that Bright Horizons will offer an excellent standard of care to children from Royal Holloway and the local community, and parents are invited to find out more about them from their website in the first instance.

Bright Horizons are also planning to contact all known parents and nursery staff today to give them the opportunity to meet and find out more about the new nursery. They will be able to meet with parents this Thursday 2nd January and then again on Monday 6th January.  Bright Horizons can also provide more detail about timescales as soon as they are known, and about alternative provision in the meantime.

If you would like to contact Bright Horizons directly, please email Tracy Berry.

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