Academic promotions 2013

Posted on 02/09/2013
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The College has updated the documentation in relation to academic promotions. The following documents are now available on the HR website:

  1. 2013/4 promotion timetable
  2. Form 1 – Application for Promotion 
  3. Form 2 – Individual Circumstances Form 
  4. Guidelines on Promotion to Senior Lecturer and Reader
  5. Senior Lecturer and Reader promotion criteria matrix
  6. Guidelines on Promotion to Professor
  7. Professorial banding criteria matrix
  8. Teaching focused promotion
  9. Teaching focused promotion criteria matrix
  10. Guidelines for the submission of a CV
  11. Teaching profile template
  12. Guidelines on the conduct of departmental promotions committees.

Clearly, not all of these will apply to all colleagues, but are supplied for information.  

We have introduced new workshops for colleagues wishing to apply for promotion to assist them with understanding the promotion process and criteria and with presenting their application as effectively as possible.  

The workshops will be run by Professor Rosemary Deem, Vice Principal (Education) and me during w/c 7th October. If you would like to attend one of these sessions please contact Sue Oke in staff development for further details and to secure your place. 

Colleagues are asked to adhere to the following timeline:

8 October 2013            
13.00 14..30 Workshops for staff applying for promotion (two concurrent workshops: All Promotions – Katie  Normington; teaching focused Rosemary Deem)

10 October 2013                        
13.00 - 14.30 Promotions Workshop – Katie Normington

18 October 2013          
Deadline for members of staff to submit documentation to their Head of Department/School

30 October 2013      
12.00 noon Briefing for HoDs at Registrar’s lunch

22 November 2013
Heads of Departments/Schools to pass submissions on each case to the Director of Human Resources by forwarding electronic copies to

Personal submissions for promotion that have not received the support of the Departmental Promotions Committee should also be sent to this address by this date.

The Academic Staffing and Titles Committee will then meet in December and February and also in March if necessary to consider all submissions.  It is expected that the promotions round will conclude in March and all staff will be notified of the outcome of their application w/c 18 March. 

Professor Katie Normington
Vice Principal (Staffing)

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