User Support 1

Intro & Navigation 

These guides introduce you to the Banner system and prepare you for navigating, searching and customising in Banner. All Banner users should be familiar with the concepts covered in these two guides. 

Introduction to Banner

Navigating Banner

Person & Student View 

Banner procedures rely on accurate details being held against a Person record and subsequently a Student record. Refer to these guides for where to view Person and Student information.

Banner 8 User Guide - General Person View

Banner 8 User Guide - General Student View

Departmental Administration 

There are a number of Banner procedures that should be completed by Faculty Administrators in the Academic Departments. See the User Guides below for step-by-step instructions for these responsibilities.

Banner 8 User Guide - Syllabus Setup

Banner 8 User Guide - Registering Students on Sections & Blocks

Banner 8 User Guide - Creating and Amending Components

Banner 8 User Guide - Creating & Assigning Members of Faculty

Banner 8 User Guide - Registering Non-Progressing Students

Mark Entry, Mark Management, Classification and Sub-Boards 

Assessed coursework and exam marks are entered through the online Gradebook, available via Campus Connect. This User Guide explains how to enter marks and grades for both Faculty Administrative staff and Academics.

Gradebook: Entering Grades

Following Mark Entry, marks are downloaded into the Sub-Board Workbook. These documents will help you validate marks and use the Sub-Board Workbook to finalise marks and classifications.

Student Records

Student Records are responsible for all student movements as well as student record creation and maintenance. These User Guides cover how to complete Banner procedures but should be used in conjunction with the Student Record Procedures documents.

Banner 8 User Guide - Quick Admit

Banner 8 User Guide - Common Matching


The Application Review Centre (ARC) is used by Admissions Tutors to record offers for UG applications. It is an online tool that replaces the paper copies of UCAS forms.  


Business Processes that involve Banner are explained here. These documents provide some background and context to the process, and are intended to be used in conjunction with the more procedural-based User Guides.


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