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Systems Accessibility

Registry Systems

  • Access to Banner & Infoview (new account, forms) and Gradebook access
  • Resetting passwords in Banner
  • Adding new values for drop-down lists
  • Setting up the Student Information tab in Campus Connect
  • Issues with the following elements within Campus Connect:

 Progression Channel  
 Online Sign-Up  
 Results Channel





    • General hardware issues with PC, printers etc
    • No Banner desktop shortcut
    • E-mail problems - e.g. e-mail groups
    • Logons/passwords for PC, any system other than Banner/Infoview
    • Student logons

    Contact the IT Service Desk online or by phone on x4321.


    Curriculum Management 

    Academic Development

    • Programme and Course Validation & Setup
    • CAPP structure setup and changes

    Faculty Administration 

    • Section Creation
    • Section Syllabus setup
    • Registering Students




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