Stress for Managers

Do you manage staff at the College?

A businesswoman under stress

Then you have a responsibility to manage your staff effectively by preventing and reducing stress, which has a positive benefit to the activity of the College. You should be able to both spot the early signs of stress and know how to deal with stress effectively by understanding the College's Stress Policy and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) management standards.

See the College's Stress Policy.

You have a responsibility to help your staff manage their stress, and must first understand the Stress Management Standards approach.

More information about the Stress Management Standards can be found on the HSE website.

Have you got the skills as a manager to be effective at preventing and reducing stress at work?

You may wish to complete the Stress management competency indicator tool to find out where your gaps are and how you can be more effective.

The following Workshop is also available to managers:

Stress Awareness: Building a Strong Effective Team

Do you want to learn more about managing stress as a manager? Then come to our workshop.

This 3 hour workshop is designed to equip managers to understand their responsibilities in managing stress in the workplace, to identify early signs of stress and create a proactive environment to support employees under pressure.

This proactive approach has been demonstrated in other organisations to lead to improvements in long term performance of employees, departments, and organisations. It is strongly recommended that managers attend the 'Understanding Stress' workshop first so they can develop a full understanding of the effect of stress on individuals and the availability of local College resources. This workshop is designed to help managers understand the legal obligations of the College to support employees and promote the management standards produced by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) as a way of proactively managing stress in the workplace.

Dr Adrian Hayter

Dr Adrian Hayter is the College’s Occupational Health Physician providing expertise on a range of occupational health issues such as pre-employment fitness to work, return to work after sickness absence, retirement health planning, health surveillance, and ergonomic and workstation improvements. His contribution has, for example, led to a significant fall in the occurrence of musculoskeletal injuries and is involved in procedures to detect the early signs of ill health among staff exposed to specific health risks.

"Very interesting content essential to a manager's role"

"I have done some stress related courses recently but this made me think more of the legal actions and responsibilities I have towards my team"

"Understanding the rights and responsibilities better will give me more confidence in approaching these issues"

Next Workshop 

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Workshop title  "Building a Strong Effective Team"
Facilitator Dr Adrian Hayter
Duration 3 hours
Date To be confirmed
Time  10.00am to 1.00pm
Additional information Tea and Coffee will be provided


To reserve a place or find out about future workshops please contact Staff Development.

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