Congratulations, you are pregnant!

Pregnant woman

When is the baby due?

Work out your due date here.

Pay and benefits

When should I give notice to my employer about maternity leave?

You should tell your employer in or before the 15th week prior to your baby's due date.

It will be in your interest to tell your manager before this time as there may be specific health and safety considerations during your pregnancy. You also have the right to have paid time off for antenatal appointments.

Check with Human Resources regarding benefits and planning maternity leave. For further information, see the College's Maternity Policy (under Human Resources).

See more information about statutory maternity pay on the Directgov website.

Staying healthy

Potential Risks

If you work with chemicals, lead or ionising radiation, or have a job with a lot of lifting then there may be risks to both your health and the baby's health. It is important to take these and other potential risks into account and to discuss these formally with your manager in order to ensure that you can continue to work safely. Further information about the pregnancy risk assessment process can be found here.

You or your manager may also wish to seek advice from either Human Resources or the College Health and Safety Office.


Diet is important in pregnancy and there are some foods you should be extra careful with. More information can be found on the NHS website.


Exercise is also important and the more active and fit that you are the better your body will adapt to the changes in shape and weight. Tips on health and exercise in pregnancy can be found on the NHS website.

Alternatively, please contact the Sports Centre for some professional advice about exercise during pregnancy.

Photo of a baby

It's not just the mum and baby!

You may also have the right to request parental leave and flexible working.

The College's Paternity Policy can be found here.

The College's Flexible Working Policy can be found here.


Further advice can be found on the NHS website.


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