Five Minutes with Isaac Masih

postmanIsaacIssac is known by everyone!  As a devout Christian, he always goes out of his way to help colleagues and the rest of the Royal Holloway world. He used to be an Elvis impersonator, a role he rekindled for the 2012 Summer Ball - watch him on YouTube

What exactly do you do at Royal Holloway?

I work in the Founder’s postroom and I'm driver of the College postvan

How long have you worked here?

I have been working here for 7 years

What did you do before joining the College?  

I worked at Safeways head office \ postroom supervisor

Where were you born?


Where do you live?

Stanwell  ' massive '

What do you do to unwind? 

Sing to myself

Who is your hero

I have two - Elvis Presley and David Ward ' Beckham '

Where are you happiest?

Speaking with Jesus Christ who is GOD

What is your favourite film? 

Ten commandments

What is your favourite motto in life – and why? 

To help others and serve others.  Jesus said so.

What’s the best part of your job here? 

Karoline Gosling, because we are a good team and we work well together.

And finally

Finish this sentence ‘Not many people know this about me but….’ 

I was offered a job at heartbreak hotel in Memphis Tennessee, singing as Elvis Presley. 

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