About Research & Enterprise

What we do Research and Enterprise provides support to our academic colleagues to help them identify and secure funding for their research, develop impact and help make their expertise and intellectual property available to non-academic users. 

More support to help you grow To increase both our capacity and capability to help our academic colleagues meet the 2013-2020 Strategic Plan goals, R&E has further developed its structure. In addition to three dedicated science Research and Business Development Managers – focussed on Life Sciences, Physical Sciences and the Digital Sciences – for the start of the new 2017-18 academic year, a new Research and Business Development Manager will be in post to support the faculties of Arts and Social Science and Management, Economics and Law. In the Research Services team, we now have a new Research Grants Manager who will oversee and support exceptional grant applications. We have also bolstered the support we offer to help new grant holders implement their projects with a new Grant Set-up Officer post to work with the existing Grant Set-Up Manager.

We are keen to improve the services we offer and welcome feedback and encourage you to contact us at any time.

Research and Enterprise is organised into two teams:

Research and Business Development (RBD) / Research Impact

Academic colleagues should phone or email their RBD / Impact contact to discuss any aspect of developing their research funding, impact or commercial activities (licensing, consultancy, and spin-outs). Your RBD contact will also be able to arrange operational support, such as new grant setup as well as detailed grant application guidance, costing, intellectual property and contract advice and services. We particularly encourage contact from new academic members of staff and early career researchers.
The RBD team is also able to work closely with commercial partners, investors and other parties interested in licensing intellectual property or commissioning consultancy or research.

The two Impact Managers support academics make an impact beyond academia with their research - past, present and future. They help build communities of interest around research topics and with faculties, R&E and other professional services teams, they support information sharing, learning and skills in relation to impact, college-wide. The Impact Managers also advise the faculties and departments on REF2020 case studies and review, as appropriate, the Pathways to Impact sections of funding applications.

Research Services

The Research Services team is headed by Craig Bryce and provides operational grant setup and grant application support, guidance, costing as well as intellectual property and contracts advice and services.

Research Services also manages our main research systems, PURE (our research information system) and pFACT (our research costing and authorisation system). Research Services are also managing the administrative support for REF2021. With colleagues from IT and the Library Service, we are also helping to design and put into place a new research data service - Research Data Management - advice and support .

Contact details are available on the Research and Enterprise contacts page.

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