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Pay and Benefits

In addition to salary and London allowance, the College also offers a range of financial and non-financial benefits for members of staff.  Further details can be found below. 


The College offers competitive salaries inclusive of a London Allowance and is committed to setting pay levels through a process of job evaluation. The majority of grades are determined through the Higher Education Role Analysis (HERA) scheme.

The College has adopted a system of incremental pay scales for grades 1-10, which are reviewed annually.

Professorial salaries – Appointment to each salary band is dependent on assessment through our professorial pay banding scheme.

Salaries are paid monthly in arrears, no later than the 27th of the month, by credit transfer.

Pay Policies

Terms and Conditions of Employment

The terms and conditions of employment for academic staff and staff across all pay grades were revised in 2009 and condensed into three documents, one for each type of staff member.

The College's terms and conditions are listed below:

Rewards and Benefits

In addition to salary and London allowance, the College also offers a range of financial and non-financial benefits for members of staff.  Further details can be found below.

Absence (including sick leave and compassionate leave)

The College offers a comprehensive absence management policy which includes provisions for sick pay as well as compassionate and bereavement leave.  A copy of the College's Absence Management Policy can be found here.

Annual Leave and College Closure Days

The amount of annual leave attached to a post varies and will be confirmed in your terms and conditions of employment.   Academic posts and those on grades 6 - 10 attract 27 days holiday entitlement.  Posts on grades 1 - 5 attract 20 days holiday, rising to 23 days after 5 years continuous service. 

There are normally 8 statutory bank holidays and at the College's discretion there will be 6 additional days, shared between Christmas and Easter, when the College is closed.  Confirmation of College holiday dates can be found here.

The annual leave year runs from 1st August to 31 July.

Members of staff employed on a part time or variable hour basis will be given a pro rata holiday entitlement.   Further details on calculating your annual leave entitlement is available here.

Bikes for Work Scheme

Royal Holloway has appointed Cyclescheme to launch a ‘bikes for work’ scheme.  The scheme is designed to enable staff to purchase a bicycle and safety equipment for commuting. This is a hire agreement which allows staff to take advantage of tax and National Insurance savings.

The scheme works via salary sacrifice (like Childcare Vouchers), whereby a voucher to the value of the equipment being purchased is issued in exchange for a monthly reduction in salary over twelve months until the repayment has been made. Tax and National Insurance contributions are not paid on the monthly deductions which enables financial savings. Staff who wish to take part in the scheme will be required to sign a hire agreement and amendment to contract letter confirming the value of the voucher that is required and the subsequent reduction in salary.

The amount of salary sacrifice that can be made against the cost of the equipment must not exceed £1,000 (inclusive of VAT). The information you need to take part in the scheme can be found at the links below. To join the scheme you will need to go here.

Once you have created this voucher and RHUL have confirmed your eligibility you will be sent a letter to sign to confirm that you wish to take part in the scheme.  This must be signed and returned to the Human Resources department who will then authorise Cyclescheme to issue you with your hire agreement and your voucher.  You will then be able to redeem this against the equipment you wish to purchase.

If you contribute to either USS or SAUL yourpension will not be affected as it is your gross salary, before salary sacrifice, which is pensionable

General information
Changes to the Scheme

The following changes have been made to the Cyclescheme in response to the August 2010 HMRC Employment Income Manual updates. These changes affect all employees currently participating in the scheme if their intial 'hire period' ends after the 6th August 2010.

  • No guarantee of offer of ownership can be given to employees at any point before or during the hire period;
  • At the end of the initial 12 month hire period, employees may be given the option to take ownership of the bicycle or extend the hire period with Cyclescheme.  The appropriate Market Value will be calculated using HMRC’s Valuation Table;
  • Employees who choose to sign a hire agreement with Cyclescheme may be given the option to take ownership of the bicycle at the end of the extended hire period;
  • Employees are free to participate in the scheme again once their initial hire period has ended, even if they sign a hire agreement with Cyclescheme. 
  • The ‘acceptable disposal value percentages’ in HMRC’s Valuation Table for bikes aged up to 4 years are 3% or 7% inclusive of VAT.
  • Extended Use Agreement with Continuation Deposit Process (advice for employees and FAQs)
  • Flowchart on what happens at the end of the scheme

Childcare (Nursery, Vouchers and Holiday Activity Camp)



Englefield Green Nursery and Preschool is the on-campus nursery managed by Bright Horizons. It is situated next to the Car Park 14 accessed off South Road on the north side of the A30 and within 200 metres of Founder’s. The nursery is inspected by OFSTED and offers high standards of care for children aged from 3 months to 5 years who benefit from a very safe and secure environment. Available to the local community, RHUL staff and students have priority places when a waiting list is operated. Please apply on the Workplace Nursery Application Form.

The ENTIRE cost of your nursery fees can reduce your tax liability by taking off the amount you pay to the nursery from your salary, so that you only pay tax on the net amount. This is known as a ‘salary  sacrifice’ scheme. To find out more click this link: Workplace Nursery FAQs

For further details, including how to register a child and organise a visit, please contact englefield@brighthorizons.com or phone 0333 331 4789 or 0203 780 3028

For more information on the Englefield Green Nursery, please read this article.

Childcare Vouchers

Childcare Vouchers are available at Royal Holloway for all members of staff. This is a salary sacrifice scheme whereby Childcare Vouchers are issued in exchange for a reduction in salary of the same amount. Tax and National Insurance contributions are not paid on the vouchers, which is where the financial savings are made. Staff who wish to receive Childcare Vouchers will be required to sign an amendment to contract letter confirming the value of vouchers that are required and the subsequent reduction in salary.

Basic rate tax payers are entitled to exchange a maximum of £243 from their monthly salary (£55 per week) in exchange for childcare vouchers, regardless of the number of children they have.

Edenred is the provider that has been appointed by Royal Holloway to issue Childcare Vouchers to staff. Further details about Edenred Services and how the scheme operates are available on their website at http://www.childcarevouchers.co.uk. Members of staff who join the scheme will be issued with a unique account number and details of how to access the account in an introduction pack.

Accounts can be accessed online or by telephone at 0800 247 1233. Once the account has been activated the member of staff will be able to tell Edenred to whom they wish their vouchers to be paid. Payments can be set up on a regular basis to the same childcare provider or as a one off event. Applications for vouchers can be made at any time but must be received by HR by the end of the month prior to the one in which they are first required.

If you have any queries or wish to apply for childcare vouchers please contact the relevant email address as given below:

 Faculty of Science at HRscience@rhul.ac.uk

Faculty of Arts and Social Science at HRartsandsocsci@rhul.ac.uk

Faculty of Management and Economics at ManEconandLaw@rhul.ac.uk

Professional Services at HRProfessionalservices@rhul.ac.uk


 School Holidays Activity Camps

Royal Holloway staff get a 10% discount with Fit for Sport.

Fit for Sport have over 20 years’ experience in providing education through activities for children.  They develop a child’s physical literacy including running, jumping, balancing and catching through playing games. They take children in three age groups: 4 to 5, 6 to 7 and 8 to 12 year olds for activities appropriate to their age.

They operate in a number of locations across the country, including at Spelthorne Leisure Centre in Staines and Sunbury Leisure Centre
They will be running camps at autumn half-term from Monday 24th to Friday 28th October.  
Prices and times will be as follows:

Normal Day - 9.30-16.30hrs: £25 a day or £113 a week
Extended Day - 8.30-17.30hrs: £33 a day or £146 a week

Half day for age 4+ - 9.30-13.00hrs: £18.75 a day or £84.38 a week

More information is available on www.fitforsport.co.uk or by calling 0845 456 3233. You will need to quote RHSTAFF to receive the discount when booking.



Discounts for Staff

A number of companies are offering discounts to College Staff, these are shown below.

Still House Clinic for natural therapies

Fit for Sport School Holidays Activity Camp

The College does not endorse any of the goods or services offered, nor guarantee any of the offers listed on these pages.

Staff taking up these offers do so at their own discretion and risk.

For further information about any of the discounts listed you must contact the companies directly.

Information for external companies wishing to offer a discount to College employees

If you wish to offer a discount to College staff please email rewardandrecognition@rhul.ac.uk noting the following:

1. Full name of the company.

2. A brief description of the discount on offer and a link to your website. Please note that we will only publish offers that give a minimum of 10% discount or equivalent

3. Full details of the discount(s) available, the period of availability (if applicable) and any specific terms that might apply including an promotional code which may be required.

4. Please advise us of any changes to discounts offered, and note that we reserve the right to remove the information from our web pages without notice.

Please note that all College employees are provided with a photo ID staff card.

Flexible working

The standard working week is 35 hours. There are no specified hours of work for Academic staff or those on grades 6-10 but a notional 35 hours a week is used as a references for calculating pro rata hours as appropriate.

We encourage managers to support the needs of staff by enabling flexible working arrangements whenever possible. Many staff work part-time or only during term-time, flexi-time systems are common among support staff and consideration is given to all requests for different working arrangements.

The needs of the Department must be taken into account and not all requests can be granted but a compromise is often possible.


The College offers an attractive pension scheme with a generous employer contribution.  The scheme offered varies depending on your post.

For more information, please visit the Payroll and Pensions webpages.

Public Commitments

We welcome the likelihood that members of staff may wish to undertake forms of public and social services and wish, as far as is practical and reasonable, to support them in such activities.

Removal and Relocation

The College has a Removal and Relocation Expenses Scheme to assist newly appointed members of staff with the costs associated with taking up a post at the College and who are moving their homes to within a 30 miles radius of the College/campus at which their post is based.  The scheme does not apply to new staff already living inside the relevant 30 mile area at the time of their appointment.  Further details are available here

Reward & Recognition Scheme

The Reward and Recognition Scheme supports the College’s commitment to developing a culture that recognises high performance and commitment of both teams and individuals. The scheme has two elements the Performance Awards and the Staff Recognition Scheme.

Applications for Performance Awards are invited in the early autumn.

The categories for the Staff Recognition Scheme and nomination process will be announced in November with the ceremony will be held in the spring in the Chapel..

Reward and Recognition Scheme Summary

Performance Awards:

Performance awards are payments awarded in addition to the normal salary increments (where applicable), for exceptional performance.  These are for staff who have consistently performed well in all areas of their jobs and who have demonstrated exceptional performance significantly above what may be reasonably expected for their grade, or who have performed particularly well on a short-term project or other piece of work.

In order to be eligible an individual must complete a Performance Appraisal Review and is based on management recommendation or self-nomination.

These payments fall within the following three types of award:

  • contribution point(s) (incremental progression above the main scale for the post);
  • accelerated increment(s) within grade (more rapid progression through the main scale for the post); or
  • one off payments (a non-pensionable and non-consolidated award).

The Performance Award policy and application form are below.

Performance Award Policy and Form

Performance Award applications should be returned to rewardandrecognition@rhul.ac.uk by no later than 31 October 2017.  The timetable for the awards is contained in the Performance Award Timetable

Staff Recognition Awards:

The University Staff Recognition Awards acknowledge significant contributions staff have made towards fulfilling the objectives, values and beliefs of the university.  The Staff Recognition Scheme recognises individuals or teams who have made a real difference to the broader life of students, staff or the university in general (i.e. whose achievements fall outside of the scope of Performance Awards).

Nominations are made by staff and students with awards presented in an annual ceremony to celebrate the work of our employees and highlight success.  

To submit an application for a Staff Recognition Award please complete the  Nomination Form.

Season Ticket Loan

Staff who regularly commute into work by public transport may be interested in an annual interest free season ticket loan.   Repayment is made through 12 monthly instalments deducted from your salary. Click here for further information and an application form.

Grading and HERA

The College is committed to the principles of equal pay for work of equal value and employs the HERA job evaluation scheme to determine the appropriate grade for all roles. 

The College uses the Higher Education Role Analysis (HERA) system for the evaluation of roles at the College in grades 1 to 10.    HERA was introduced in 2008 as part of the National Framework Agreement. 

The College recognises that roles will continue to develop and grow in line with operational requirements.   The College therefore has a Re-grading Policy and Procedure, which provides a consistent, transparent and equitable procedure for assessing permanent and substantial changes to existing roles using the HERA system.

A Job Evaluation Questionnaire must also be completed. The best way of doing this is by means of an interview with the HR Policy & Reward Manager who is most familiar with the HERA scheme. In the first instance, please submit a job description showing how the duties and responsibilities have changed, along with a Regrading Application Form which is to be found at the end of the Regrading Policy & Procedure..

The above provisions do not apply to Research Staff to whom separate provisions for progression from Grade 6 to 7 apply:

Research Staff Progression from Grade 6 to 7

Academic Promotion and Professorial Banding

The College also has procedures in place for Professorial Pay Banding and Academic Promotion to ensure consistent and transparent mechanisms for determining pay levels.  

Academic Promotions are considered on an annual basis by the Academic Staffing and Titles Committee (ASTC). All the relevant forms and guidance, including details of the criteria for promotion, can be found below:


Teaching and Research Promotion Route




Teaching Focused Promotion Route





We have introduced new workshops for staff wishing to apply for academic promotion to assist colleagues with understanding the promotion process and criteria and with presenting their application as effectively as possible.   If you would like to attend one of the following workshops please contact Organisational Development by email at Organisation Development.


Enabling women in the promotions process (two of three)

22/05/2018 (13:30-16:00)
FE139 (Founders East)

Enabling women in the promotions process (three of three)

08/10/2018 (13:30-16:00)
FE139 (Founders East)


The updated Professorial Banding Scheme and associated documentation are below.  The next round will commence in August 2018. Professors who wish to be considered for re-banding should submit their CV (using the template provided) and application to their Head of Department.   Any individual circumstances should be submitted directly to Human Resources using the form provided by the same date.

All applications must be returned to HR, copied to the individual professor.

Teaching and Research Professorial Banding




Teaching Focused Professorial Banding



 Departmental Discipline Norms:


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