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Staff directory

Academic staff


Job title
K. Humayun Ansari Professor of Islam and Cultural Diversity McCrea303
Sarah Ansari Head of Department, Professor of History (South Asia) McCrea321
Akil N. Awan Senior Lecturer in Modern History, Political Violence and Terrorism McCrea302c
James Baldwin Lecturer in Empires of the Early Muslim World McCrea302c
Daniel Beer Senior Lecturer in Modern European History McCrea326
Jason Brock Teaching Fellow in Modern British and Intellectual History IN117
Clive Burgess Senior Lecturer in Late Medieval History McCrea333
Sandra Cavallo Professor of Early Modern History McCrea328
Justin Champion Professor of the History of Early Modern Ideas McCrea312
Gregory Claeys Professor of the History of Political Thought McCrea311
Kaja Cook Lecturer in History of the Atlantic World McCrea 330
Markus Daechsel Senior Lecturer in Modern Islamic Societies McCrea338
Charalambos Dendrinos Senior Lecturer in Byzantine Literature and Greek Palaeography IN236
Patrick Doyle Lecturer in United States History McCrea320
Dawn-Marie Gibson Lecturer in United States History McCrea331
Simone Gigliotti Senior Lecturer/Reader in Holocaust Studies McCrea331
Helen Graham Professor of Modern Spanish History McCrea314
David Gwynn Reader in Ancient and Late Antique History McCrea335
Jane Hamlett Reader in Modern British History McCrea309
Jonathan Harris Professor in Byzantine History McCrea337
Christopher Hobbs Teaching Fellow in Byzantine and Medieval History IN114
Peregrine Horden Professor of Medieval History McCrea332
Rebecca Jinks Lecturer in Holocaust Studies McCrea324
Andrew Jotischky Professor of Medieval History McCrea332
Zoe Laidlaw Reader in British Imperial History McCrea304
Edward Madigan Lecturer in Public History and World War I McCrea305
Andrea Mammone Lecturer in Modern European History McCrea306
Chi-kwan Mark Senior Lecturer in International History McCrea330
Stella Moss Lecturer McCrea327
Rudolf Muhs Senior Lecturer in European History McCrea302a
Jonathan Phillips Professor of Crusading History McCrea307
Nicola Phillips Teaching Fellow in 18th Century British History & Gender  McCrea307
Hannah Platts Teaching Fellow McCrea304
Robert Priest Lecturer in French History McCrea328
Francis Robinson Professor of the History of South Asia McCrea308
Thomas Simpson Teaching Fellow in World History (South Asia) IN114
Graham Smith Senior Lecturer in Oral History McCrea302b
Dan Stone Professor of Modern History McCrea324
Emmett Sullivan Senior Departmental Tutor McCrea328a
Weipin Tsai Lecturer in Modern Chinese History McCrea334
George Vassiadis Lecturer in Modern Greek History IN237
Mark Whelan Teaching Fellow Mc332
Anna Whitelock Reader in Early Modern History McCrea313
Alex Windscheffel Senior Lecturer in Modern British and Imperial History McCrea329
Barbara Zipser Wellcome Trust Research Fellow IB118

Visiting professors and honorary research associates

Visiting Teachers

Olivier Berrou HS2010, HS2011
Stephen Brogan HS2219
Toby Bromige HS1105, HS2004, HS2005
Katie Carpenter HS2212
Nikki Clark HS2218
Joe Cozens HS2020
Pedro Correa Martin-Arroyo HS2223
Livy Dee HS1007, HS1008
Sam Drake HS2011
Zosia Edwards HS1116
Niccolo Fattori HS1108
Stephen Franklin HS2015
Mike Horswell MA
Alexandra Hughes-Johnson HS2212
Claire Keenan HS2012
Hannes Kleineke HS1111, HS2111
Alun Lewis MAPH
Brian McLaughlin HS1105, HS1116
Simon Parsons HS2142
Stephen Pearce HS1105
Florence Pinard-Nelson HS2213
Robin Shields HS1116
Danny Simpson HS2001
Carina Spaulding HS2218, HS2219, HS3367
Harry Stopes HS2014, HS2023
Lara Thorpe HS1116

Administrative staff

Job title
Penelope Mullens Senior Faculty Administrator 01784 276371
Marie-Christine Ockenden Postgraduate Administrator (Tuesday to Friday) 01784 443311
Fiona Sheridan

Undergraduate Administrator

01784 443314
Stephanie Surrey Finance Administrator 01784 276519

Postgraduate research students

Field of study
Keith Alcorn British Empire & Europe
Mohammed Alhabeeb Middle East & Asia
Muhammad Altaf Middle East & Asia
Ian Amorosi Crusades and Byzantium
Maria Argyrou Crusades and Byzantium
Rachel Basch Early Modern
Preeti Bath African-American Studies
Beresford Bell Medieval London
Eldad Ben Aharon Ethnic Minority Studies
Olivier Berrou Crusades and Byzantium
Fakhar Bilal Middle East & Asia
Benjamin Bland Twentieth Century: Britain
Michael Boon Medieval England
Mariana Brockmann Early Modern
Toby Bromige Crusades and Byzantium
Charlotte Brown Women & Gender
Nicolas Buckley Twentieth Century: Britain and Europe
Karen Burch Early Modern
Hannah Burton Twentieth Century: Britain and Europe
Katie Carpenter Nineteenth Century: Britain
Georgios Chatzelis Crusades and Byzantium
Stephanie Conway Nineteenth Century: Britain
Anne Clarke Medieval England
Imogen Dalziel Twentieth Century: Britain and Europe
Olivia Dee Twentieth Century: Britain and Europe
Ghonchech Dolatshahi Early Modern
Samuel Drake Medieval England
Daniel Edwards Crusades and Byzantium
Zosia Edwards Medieval England
Niccolo Fattori Crusades and Byzantium
Claudia Ferreira Twentieth Century: P.I.R.
Gordon Fitch Medieval London
Steven Franklin Public History
Lyndsay Galpin Women and Gender
Naomi Gardner Nineteenth Centure: British Empire and Europe
Krissie Glover Nineteenth Centure: British Empire and Europe
Michelle Gordon Twentieth Century: Britain and Europe
Paula Hailstone Crusades and Byzantium
Martin Hall Crusades and Byzantium
Stephanie Hesz-Wood Twentieth Century: Britain and Europe
Christopher Hobbs Crusades and Byzantium
Johanna Holmes Women and Gender
Michael Horswell Crusades and Byzantium
Alexandra Hughes-Johnson Twentieth Century: Britain and Europe
Lynne Humphrey Twentieth Century: Britain and Europe
Philip James Crusades and Byzantium
Graham Javes Medieval London
Michaela Jones Nineteenth Century: England
Elaine Josephs Early Modern
Helen Kavanagh Medieval England
Claire Kennan Medieval England
Dost Khan Middle East & Asia
Michail Konstantinou Rizos Crusades and Byzantium
Kostas Koukoulis Twentieth Century: Europe
Stephanie Kutschmann Middle East & Asia
Janet Lambertz Twentieth Century: Britain and Europe
Michael Lawn Medieval England
Doreen Leach Medieval London
Margaret Lenton Twentieth Century: Britain and Europe
Doerte Letzmann Ethnic Minority Studies
Tricia Logan Ethnic Minority Studies
Dorota Mas Twentieth Century: Britain and Europe
Elliot Mason Crusades and Byzantium
Brian McLaughlin Crusades and Byzantium
Gareth Mears Twentieth Century: Britain and Europe
Adam McKie Women and Gender
Mary McMahon British Empire
Alexandra Melita Early Modern
Qalandar Memon Middle East & Asia
Markus Mindrebo Crusades and Byzantium
Hareem Mirza Middle East & Asia
Michael Moorwood Early Modern
Joseph Mulhall Twentieth Century: Britain and Europe
Laura Neff History of Medicine
Lawrence Newport Early Modern
Jamie Nightingale Nineteenth Centure: British Empire and Europe
Lucia Pascual Medieval England
Florence Pinard-Nelson Twentieth Century: Britain
Robert Sherwood Twentieth Century: Britain
Stephen Pearce Crusades and Byzantium
Nicola Price History of the United States
Leah Rhys Medieval London
Rudolf Savundra Twentieth Century: Britain and Europe
Robin Shields Crusades and Byzantium
Georgios Sidirountios Crusades and Byzantium
Daniel Simpson British Empire & Europe
Alvin L Smith III History of the United States
Anna Solarska Twentieth Century: Britain and Europe
Tawirat Songmuang World: China
Karon Stanley Early Modern
Hannah Strathern Crusades and Byzantium
Adele Sykes Medieval London
Jacqueline Teale Holocaust and Genocide
Zoe Thomas Women & Gender
Lara Thorpe Early Modern
Eve Tignol Middle East & Asia
Panayiotis Tofis Crusades and Byzantium
Claire Trenery Medieval England
Neha Vermani Early Modern
Javed Wani Middle East & Asia
Brooke Weber Women & Gender
Eliza Wheaton Medieval London
Seth Wheeler Oral History
Madeline White Holocaust and Genocide
Connor Wilson Crusades and Byzantium
Ian Wilson Crusades and Byzantium
Laura Wood Medieval England
Susan Woodall Women & Gender
Stuart Wrigley Nineteen Century: Europe
Charlotte Young Early Modern

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