Examples of texts specifically relevant to this project:

Vincenzo Tanara, L'Economia del Cittadino

at http://books.google.com/

The Regimen Sanitatis Salernitatum

with English Translation and Commentary by Sir John Harrington,(1560-1612) reprinted (New York, 1920) Made available by the Internet Archive: many other translations and versions. http://www.archive.org/details/schoolofsalernum00hariiala

Castor Durante, Il Tesoro della Sanita, (Rome, 1586)


Other Related Publications

Italian Books of Secrets Database : Leicester Research Archive

A database containing over 3,000 recipes from 11 Italian books of Secrets, 1532-to late 18th century. For the database and the accompaning documentation https://lra.le.ac.uk/handle/2381/4335

Renaissance Secrets: Recipes & Formulas

Renaissance Secrets: Recipes & Formulas, Jo Wheeler, London: Victoria & Albert Museum, 2009